Sales Prospecting

Discover how to engage leads and potential customers with personal gifting. Helpful tips to ramp up outbound prospecting, leads, and sales pipeline.

Introducing the Vidyard for Alyce Integration

What happens when you combine the power of personal gifting with the power of personal video? An experience so personal - your prospects will actually thank you.

How to Increase Conversions by Sending Personal Gifts with a Video

This contributed post, written by Alyshah Walji of Vidyard, outlines how to leverage personal gifting and video to create a personal connection with your customer and drive conversion through their journey.

The 5 Mistakes Every Pro Makes When ‘Personalizing’ Outreach

While these 5 mistakes are the most commonly made in personal outreach, at the end of the day, if there is one tip to follow it’s this: Take the time to ensure that what you are saying, doing or sending is relevant, relatable and respectful.

How to Write the Best Email Invitation Subject Line for Sending a Gift

Learning to write the perfect gift invitation subject line can mean the difference between getting a meeting on the books and another email sent straight to the trash. It sets the tone of the relationship you’re beginning - or further…

How to Write the Perfect Gift Invitation Message

Gift recipients are loving those subject lines, and your open rates are on the incline. Now that your prospects are seeing your messages, you need to learn how to write the perfect gift invitation message that results in more meetings.…

How to Select the Right Contacts for your Personal Gifting Campaign

The days of spray-and-pray are over- for all marketing and sales tactics, but especially for personal gifting. This post outlines how to get the most out of your personal gifting strategy by selecting the right contacts to gift at the right time.

Boost Gifting Campaign Conversion Rates with Alyce Video Landing Pages

Create standout digital experiences for prospects and customers with relevant video landing pages with content that boosts engagement of personal gifting campaigns.

How to Avoid The Direct Mail Prospecting Gifts Budget Fail

As more companies move to remove workforces, don't halt your direct mail efforts and flood the digital space with more noise to try to grab your prospect's attention. Create a process that’s all about them. Because that’s how you create relationships in the first place.

How Gifts That Give Back Earn You More Personal Connections

We’ve always given recipients the Power of Choice – meaning they could accept exchange or donate any gift. But now we’re putting the power in your hands. For the first time, you’re now able to find, select, and offer donations to your prospects and customers right from the Alyce marketplace.

3 Ways Alyce for Chrome Helps Sales Reps Book More Meetings

Take a truly personal selling approach to connect with all your hard to reach prospects.

It’s Time for B2B Sales to Get REAL

In this blog post we explain what we mean when we say that B2B sales and marketing should be more human and relationship-driven. Read on to see what it means to be REAL.