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WebPT Facilitates Digital Employee Engagement With Alyce

Dana Gundrum is the Learning and Development Manager at WebPT, the leading rehab therapy platform for enhancing patient care and fueling business growth.

Dana’s role falls under people operations and employee engagement. As such, she is responsible for facilitating programs internally to ensure employees have the best experience within WebPT through learning and development opportunities, and employee engagement programming.

During the onset of COVID-19, Dana and her team struggled to define who they were as a company from an employee perspective without being able to engage with employees face to face. Dana has a close relationship with the marketing team at WebPT, so she used her internal resources to better understand how the company was defining itself externally to help her with her programs internally.

Dana Gundrum Learning and Development Manager at WebPT

“Our employees appreciate that Alyce Gifts allow them to choose a gift that they want or need at the time. As much as everyone loves WebPT Swag, sometimes another gift is more impactful to an employee’s life at that moment.”

— Dana Gundrum

Learning and Development Manager @ WebPT

The Shift To A Digitally Native Workforce

To maintain and retain employees within the business, Dana and her team try to engage WebPT employees on a monthly basis. Engagement can take the form of a company-wide initiative, a manager training, or peer-to-peer networking event. For people operations, there are a lot of moments to think about when it comes to creating an engaging environment to work in.

When COVID-19 sent everyone in WebPT’s offices back to their homes, the people operations team saw an opportunity to create a digital first environment that upheld the cultural engagement the team had in the office.

So, the people operations team got to work, officially declaring WebPT as a digital first company.

In defining those parameters, the people operations team started with transforming their in-person culture into a digital first culture.

That’s when Dana turned her attention toward the marketing team. She saw parallels in the way the marketing and people operations teams think about their work—especially when it comes to engagement in programs that had become mostly digital.

WebPT’s marketing team had just purchased Alyce for gifting in their sales and marketing efforts, but Dana saw it as an opportunity for internal employee engagement.

Engaging Employees, On Their Terms

After WebPT made the decision to be digital first, they had to pivot the rest of their 2020 employee engagement strategy.

The end of the year was the perfect time for Dana and her team to roll out their first new initiative in place of the company holiday party. The WebPT team has a big T-shirt culture internally, so the campaign Dana decided to put together was two-fold.

First, everyone got a custom WebPT T-shirt delivered to their house to keep the existing culture alive. Then they sent everyone a custom Alyce Gift using Alyce Activate.

“I loved that I didn’t have to buy everything individually and send people a gift that they may not want,” said Dana. “Alyce really brought personalization to the experience and made our employees feel like they were cared for.”

After a hard year, Dana wanted each person who received a gift to feel as though they felt appreciated by the company and that came in the form of a personal gift with the power of choice if the offered gift didn’t suit their immediate needs at that moment.

And their campaign paid off. The WebPT team saw a 99% gift acceptance rate from their holiday campaign.

After seeing the success of their first internal Alyce gift campaign Dana set her sights on a campaign that could be “always on”—one that her team could run year round to engage and delight their internal employees.

So, Dana put together a birthday campaign. With the insight the people operations team has, standing up a bi-weekly birthday campaign was an obvious next step in WebPT’s digital first employee engagement program.

With 700 employees and counting, adding this special gift was an additional touchpoint in the employee’s tenure at the company that creates moments of affinity for the company.

Measuring Success And Future Campaigns

Measuring success in a people operations world can be tough, there isn’t a way to track direct ROI to employer attention which is an everyday struggle Dana and her team tackles.

When it comes to Alyce, word of mouth and thank you messages after a gift is accepted is one of the main ways the WebPT team measures direct impact of gifts.

Dana specifically appreciates the functionality that allows all gift recipients to leave a thank you message after they accept a gift. Her and her team use these thank you notes as employee testimonials, jumping off points for her team to ask employees to leave Glassdoor reviews, and as a way to gauge employee sentiment—without needing additional surveys.

Some examples of thank you notes Dana has received from her campaigns so far include:

“Thank you so much for the birthday gift. I have never seen anything like this. I am so appreciative to work for a company that shows the employees their value. Thank you, thank you. #webptfamily #webpter”

“OMG! thank you so much WebPT. It truly means a lot and it has been an amazing year with you all; learning, adapting, ever changing experiences that keeps me going! Thank you again.”

“Thank you all for the birthday gift card. With the increase in the price of goods, this card means more to me than you will ever know.”


After seeing great success with the WebPT team’s internal employee engagement programs, Dana plans to expand gifting efforts to increase engagement across the board through events like lunch and learns and virtual team potlucks.

Dana leaves a parting word of wisdom for her fellow People Operations folks: “Utilize the resources your company has already invested in—both people and tools. Understanding how other teams are implementing workflows and problem solving can give your team more ideas on how to engage with your employees internally.”


About WebPT:

WebPT is the leading rehab therapy platform for enhancing patient care and fueling business growth.

Offering scheduling, documentation, billing, outcomes tracking, business reporting, and system integrations, WebPT’s robust web-based solution is ideal for every outpatient setting—regardless of staff size, facility type, or the number of specialties.

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