AI-powered customer engagement, one perfect gift at a time

1-to-1 gifting campaigns: Alyce uses personal social data + your business goals to send the right gifts at the right times to drive action.

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Great companies driving action with Alyce
The Results

Drive action and ROI for...

Marketing + ABM

  •  Increase Active Prospects
  •  Increase Demand Generation
  •  Decrease Acquisition Cost

Sales + ABS

  •  Increase 1st Meetings
  •  Increase More Deals
  •  Shorten Sales Cycle Time

Customer Success

  •  Increase Retention
  •  Increase Engagement
  •  Improve Customer Health


  •  Improve Culture
  •  Increase Donors
  •  Improve OKRs
The Alyce Platform

1-to-1 gifting campaigns that drive action

The perfect gift, branded delivery and experience for your customers, prospects, employees and more.

Tells you…
What to send

Tells and optimizes…
When to send

Integrated with your workflow and…
Fully Automated

Be Memorable

The perfect gift, every time. Alyce tells you the perfect gift to give, and your recipient can accept, exchange or donate.

Branded Delivery

Send your Alyce as a branded handwritten card or box. Customize the experience with your logo and brand colors.

End To End Support

Alyce handles all ordering, shipping, and support. Our Customer Success team will walk you through every step.

Send 1 or 10,000 Gifts

Our technology helps you scale. Send all of your corporate gifts in 60 seconds.
The Alyce Experience

Right gift + right time + choice = action

A gift and experience they’ll want to respond to.



E-mail, branded handwritten card or branded box.



Branded gift page that shows your custom message and gift.



Your recipient can accept, exchange or donate your gift.


Thank + Share

Your recipient can thank you and share their experience.

The Alyce Marketplace

Gifts they’ll use and remember

With over 30,000 unique products from $5 to $5,000, Alyce’s artificial intelligence will choose the perfect gift that your recipients can use and remember you by... and they can always choose to exchange or donate their gifts. The perfect gift + the power of choice drives action.

Preview a sample recipient's gift (and our catalog)...

Default Gift OR Branded Gift
92% of companies already...

invest in gifts, swag and incentives to...


Grow and retain revenue


Reward and retain employees


Create new business opportunities


BUT  they’re not measuring or optimizing their investment for ROI.  Alyce is the solution.

Start driving action

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Awesome words from those who drive action with Alyce

With Alyce, I see that surprising and delighting with gifts they want is a far better way to develop stronger business relationships. Alyce is disrupting the corporate gift giving industry. I recommend trying today.

Craig Kaplan
VP of Global Sales, Verizon Digital Media

It's crazy simple, accurate and dependable. I love how easy it is to reward my customers and prospects with meaningful and relevant gifts while also giving them the option to pick a new gift or donate the gift value.

Dustin Hampton
VP of Sales, Bronto

Relationships are so important and being able to show we care is critical. Alyce makes this a seamless process and has really streamlined our gift­giving experience, helping to make a large impact on our clients.

Andrew Sobel
VP, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Luxury Collection

I try and be a thoughtful gifter, but it takes me hours to browse through different websites in order to find the perfect gift for my employees. Alyce's out­of­the­box gift suggestions are amazing.

Keith Foy
VP of E-Commerce, Ashley Furniture

We know that every client is different and always disliked the idea of sending everyone the same gift. Now in just a couple clicks, Alyce picks and sends a unique gift to each of our clients. They think it's awesome and so do we.

Ben Hux and Dan Cavanaugh

The #1 thing I love about Alyce is how it changed the way I make an impression on my business prospects, employees, and even my close friends. I no longer believe any gift with a branded logo has an impact anymore.

Craig Kaplan
VP of Global Sales, Verizon Digital Media

Alyce has been so great to work with. In addition to the product, they've provided Stellar customer support and service.

Dustin Hampton
VP of Sales, Bronto

In the past, we've defaulted to the same gifts, often wanting to send something more personal. With Alyce, I'm able to send a gift that my client will truly appreciate.

Andrew Sobel
VP, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Luxury Collection

With Alyce, I can send individually selected gifts quickly and efficiently and know they are going to be really impressed. My gift­giving habits will never be the same.

Keith Foy
VP of E-Commerce, Ashley Furniture

The feedback from clients has been overwhelmingly positive. Alyce has definitely helped deepen the relationships with our clients.

Ben Hux and Dan Cavanaugh

Alyce Leadership

And we’re on a mission to transform corporate gifting into a personalized, memorable and measurable moment of engagement, one perfect gift at a time.



“People send gifts to clients and prospects because they want to create a real human-to-human moment to engage and delight their recipients. With Alyce, we’ve made that moment truly personal, memorable and also measurable.”

GREG SEGALL on Linkedin



“Alyce is a relationship game changer. Every company is looking to stand out and become more personalized in their efforts but very few have the time, energy or analytical insight. Our customers are driving sales success, customer engagement and retention better than ever with our scalable AI platform.”




“I love the Alyce gift marketplace, because it just keeps getting better and better – now with over 30,000 gift options available! I also love working with our amazing merchant partners and sharing all of their incredible gift options with our customers.”

TORI SELLERS on Linkedin



“Now more than ever in our often-impersonal digital economy, Marketing and Sales leaders need to humanize their engagement channels. With Alyce, we help you create engagement that differentiates your company and delights your customers in a unique and personalized way. That’s the Alyce promise, and we deliver.”

JULIE ZADOW on Linkedin

Want to know more?

Our team comes from the corporate world and have witnessed an endless number of "gifts" get thrown out or go unused. Unfortunately, we learned this happens a lot. Although they were sent with thought, most corporate gifts can be generic and not memorable. We at Alyce see a huge opportunity to improve this process and provide a platform for giving thoughtful and useful gifts each person will love. Equally as important, we aim to help brands like yours gain exposure and allow people to give back to causes they care about. Giving is at the core of our business, and for every gift given through Alyce, we donate to charity.

We are here to shake things up. To start being remembered. Join us.

Your gift options can include everything from unique physical and virtual products (like gift cards) to fun and unique experiences or subscription services! They are chosen through a large number of brand partners big and small, each of whom share our mission. You will be presented with 3 options for each contact (or for your whole list to keep it simple), handpicked by an actual human with a detailed reason for the choices. Don't like the options presented? We will send you more until we nail it.
Each giftee will receive an email from you with a personalized message and link to the gift you chose. The giftee will be shown a letter with your message and picture of the gift. They will be able to either accept your gift, exchange for anything on the platform within the price range (price never shown) or donate the value to a charity of their choice. What's better, you don't need to know their address as the giftee will be responsible for providing where they would like the gift sent to. The giftee will also have the option of letting you know which option they chose. Either way, Alyce will send you a confirmation of their acceptance.
The service charge that is part of the all-inclusive gift price covers our overhead cost and a modest profit. On an annual basis we forward 1% of our profit as a charitable donation.
We are constantly adding new products to Alyce. Please write us -
We are looking for passionate people to join our team. We have built successful companies and want folks who are willing to go all out on the crazy ride of a rapidly growing organization. Write us at to learn more. Check out our open positions here.
Our recent funding round was led by Boston Seed Capital, with participation by Founder Collective, General Catalyst, Manifest Investment Partners and Golden Venture Partners.