Stop sending.
Start bonding.

Alyce helps create personal bonds with your prospects, customers, and partners that deliver results through one-to-one gifting. We call it a Personal Experience Platform.

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Scale a recipient-first approach

It's time to take a new approach to enterprise sales and marketing outreach, one that doesn't just break through but forms bonds. After all, when you simply send stuff no one wants – that's called spam.

Direct mail & swag

  • Solves a logistics problem
  • Self-serving
  • Quantity at scale
  • Tactic to create attention
  • Campaign driven, episodic
  • Wasteful
  • Limited visibility into impact

Personal Experience

  • Solves a business problem
  • Recipient-first
  • Quality at scale
  • Approach to create action
  • Part of the daily workflow
  • Efficient / Sustainable
  • Track and measure all your direct spend

Being personal pays


Pipeline to Spend Ratio for an access management company


Booked meeting rate for a predictive analytics company


Pipeline generated in 6 mos. for a unified communications company

B2B gifting that creates
attention and action

Alyce's AI automates personal research and recommends personal gifts for each and every prospect that appeals to their #5to9 interests - their life outside the office. You'll find that what makes them tick, also makes them act.

No more direct mail, Alyce is a different way to do B2B gifting

Swag that delights more customers with less hassle

Turn "Stuff We All Get" into things that 'we all love' and delight more customers with less hassle by managing your swag from a custom swag marketplace of your very own.

The best business is personal



Built for the enterprise to drive conversions, build pipeline and measure the impact of your spend



Scale outreach to book meetings and create more opportunities with hard to reach prospects


Customer Success

Accelerate on-boarding, increase usage and customer loyalty to expand within important accounts

How Alyce works

Get to know their #5to9

Our AI powered platform uncovers your prospect's #5to9 interests, then suggests relatable gifts from our extensive marketplace.

Invite your prospects to engage

You send physical or digital invitations featuring a personal note so you can start bonding, and a unique gift code that allows you to track their activity through the process.

Give them the Power of Choice™

Learn more about your Recipient's interests by letting them accept, exchange or donate the gift to charity from your branded landing page.

Drive action, not just attention

Book more meetings by requiring certain actions from recipients, and use real-time notifications to trigger fast follow-up.

Measure and Track your success

Attribute pipeline contribution, opps creation and ROI to your gifting spend by tracking gift status through the funnel.


The Alyce tool allows us to extend the thoughtfulness and collaboration we have internally to our prospects.Their tool isn’t just going out and sending generic gifts, it uses their algorithms or magic to give us what that person is really into. That approach really plays well into how we want our team to do outreach.

— Dan London,
VP of Revenue @ Bandwidth

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