Engage your prospects and customers like never before

AI-Powered gifting, direct mail and swag platform that hyper-personalizes and supercharges your marketing and ABM strategy.

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Drive B2B pipeline
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Built to scale your B2B gifting

Start sending out gifts to your prospects or customers right now.

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Thoughtful outreach

Don't just send stuff— craft a thoughtful note to go with the perfectly curated gift


96% delivery rate

We validate delivery addresses to ensure your gifts go to the right person, at the right address, at the right office.

Performance Tracking

Performance tracking

Show the effectiveness in generating pipeline and accelerating deals with reporting that's easy to share with leadership


Gift in Salesforce

Use Alyce within Salesforce to make gifting even easier

Use Cases

See how Alyce works for your team



Cut through the noise and stand out to your prospects. Reps use Alyce weekly to build better connections and get more meetings.

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Account-Based Marketing

If you are pursuing an ABM strategy, Alyce allows you to scale a gifting program to include all named accounts— resulting in more of the right pipeline.

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A well-rounded marketing strategy includes physical touch points. Learn more about how to make the most of these moments.

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Customer Success

Show your customers how important they are by celebrating their wins—with your product, with renewal and in their own personal lives.

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Why Using Alyce Works

Prospects feel important receiving something they actually want

High-value prospects deserve more than a mass generated sales tactic. Show that you are thoughtful and real.

Alyce Products
Gifts they want

Alyce finds the perfect gift for everybody

From pet lovers to outdoor adventurers to doomsday preppers, Alyce's curated marketplace of 30,000 gift options has something for everyone.

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Success stories that make us smile

See what our customers are saying

This is the best sales tool we’ve ever had!

Alyce saves me time and helps me stand out. It’s my secret weapon!

With Alyce, I see that surprising and delighting with gifts they want is a far better way to develop stronger business relationships. Alyce is disrupting the corporate gift giving industry. I recommend trying today.

We opened up over $1M in pipeline that we couldn’t reach before using Alyce using 1 gifting campaign.

It’s crazy simple, accurate and dependable. I love how easy it is to reward my customers and prospects with meaningful and relevant gifts while also giving them the option to pick a new gift or donate the gift value.

Relationships are so important and being able to show we care is critical. Alyce makes this a seamless process and has really streamlined our gift­giving experience, helping to make a large impact on our clients.

I try and be a thoughtful gifter, but it takes me hours to browse through different websites in order to find the perfect gift for my employees. Alyce’s out-­of-­the-­box gift suggestions are amazing.

We know that every client is different and always disliked the idea of sending everyone the same gift. Now in just a couple clicks, Alyce picks and sends a unique gift to each of our clients. They think it’s awesome and so do we.

The #1 thing I love about Alyce is how it changed the way I make an impression on my business prospects, employees, and even my close friends. I no longer believe any gift with a branded logo has an impact anymore.

Alyce has been so great to work with. In addition to the product, they’ve provided Stellar customer support and service.

In the past, we’ve defaulted to the same gifts, often wanting to send something more personal. With Alyce, I’m able to send a gift that my client will truly appreciate.

With Alyce, I can send individually selected gifts quickly and efficiently and know they are going to be really impressed. My gift­-giving habits will never be the same.

The feedback from clients has been overwhelmingly positive. Alyce has definitely helped deepen the relationships with our clients.

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