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Customer Gifting


Be gifting in no time across all your customers' giftable moments with our out-of-the-box Customer Gifting QuickStart Solution.


"We can send a message and gift – on behalf of our CEO – saying, 'Happy holidays, enjoy your bottle of champagne.' We do this to help build relationships."

Fuel your outreach. Supercharge your impact.

When you lean in with recipient-first gifting experiences, instead of just another meeting notice, your customers will undoubtedly see the value you bring.


Invest in relationships that matter

Bulk Corporate Gifting Increases Engagement Rates

Pave the way for renewal and expansion calls

B2B Personalized Gifting Outreach at Scale

Build inroads to executive stakeholders

Quickstart module For your Customer Success & Customer Marketing Teams

Focused on customer-facing giftable moments:

• Welcome new customers and users
• Celebrate graduations
• Reward usage and stickiness
• Motivate super-users
Retention & Expansion
• Create more champions
• Encourage upsells and renewals
Advocacy Rewards & Thank-Yous
• Incent referrals and references

Alyce is for Customer Marketers and C/S Teams

Speaking of advocacy, check out the
Alyce for Influitive integration!

Alyce and Influitive

Take all the runway you need

Our pay-for-gifts-accepted model lets you reach as many customers as you like while staying within budget.

Retention is everyone's 9 to 5

More than ever, retaining customers is the top priority of every business and across the business.

Alyce equips your entire team with a consistent way to continually win your customers' business.

Gift invitation message from Alyce

Out of sight, out of mind?

Gifting is one of the most effective strategies you can launch now to stay top of mind and lock in repeat business—at scale.

If your champion leaves, will others see the value you deliver?

Getting your foot in the door isn't a one-and-done

Sending gifts through Alyce is a great way to create recurring conversations—the main ingredient for year-over-year growth.

When recipients exchange business gifts, they can choose an alternative gift based on your criteria. (Alyce)

Not all gifting is created equal.

Alyce ✨sparks✨ conversations that turn into conversions.

Boost acceptance rates: let recipients exchange for another gift, experience, gift card, or charitable donation.

Required Actions 
Lock in next steps: choose to require recipients to book a call, provide contact info, or complete a survey to accept their gift.


Post-Gift CTA
Keep them in the moment: Direct recipients to a follow-up page upon gift acceptance.

Inline Meeting Booker
Never miss an opportunity: recipients instantly select a meeting time right in the gifting flow.

5to9™ Mindset
A little goes a long way: show people you took a moment to personalize your outreach before hitting send.

Experience icon

Out-of-the-box, ready to gift ... and more 

The Alyce Customer Gifting QuickStart has everything you need to get started, now.

pre-loaded templates of top customer use cases + 3 pre-built themed marketplaces
Alyce C/S QuickStart Templates
Alyce C/S QS Marketplace
getting started couldn't be easier

The Alyce Customer Gifting QuickStart is available for $10,000 annual platform fee (plus cost of gifts).

Includes 8 pre-loaded campaigns and templates (for customer-gifting use cases only), 3 custom marketplaces, plus unlimited gift sends.

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