20+ Email Templates To Use in Your Next Gifting Campaign

Deliver the perfect message to prospects and customers. Swipe these 20+ corporate gift email templates to scale your campaign success.
Corporate Gift Email Templates to Send Customers, Prospects, and Employees

One of the most untapped email campaigns involves gifting. Unlike traditional demand-gen campaigns where people sign up for discounts and webinars, gifting takes a different tact to drive results.

The most effective gifting campaigns connect to the person in a relatable, relevant, and respectful way. Modest gestures influence the perception of your brand, thanks to the power of reciprocity.

Email outreach and social media are among the top ways to close the gap between an excited gift recipient and your brand. But how?

After all, that email won’t write itself. Until now.

We’ve prepared a series of email templates you can use for your next marketing campaign. Not only can you copy and paste these into your next email, but we’ve also provided insights into why they work.

In a hurry? Skip right to the email templates below:

If you’re looking to add long-term value and build better relationships with clients, we'll share some of our favorite email examples for gifting your prospects.

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Sales Prospecting Email Campaigns Are Tough

Prospecting is the foundation of the sales process. It ensures that you’re making steady progress toward your goal and growing the business. But the most important thing is to prospect thoughtfully.

The reality is that decision-makers are hit up endlessly for events they never attended, intros they never expected, to solve pain points they don’t have. There is a lot of noise that directors, VPs, and C-level executives get. Operating with this understanding gives you the empathetic superpower to get to the point quickly in your prospecting efforts.

Unfortunately, hundreds of sales reps before you have poisoned their perception of the email channel. As a result, nearly every email is met with contempt. Given this opportunity, you ought to be interesting or genuinely helpful since you’ve made it to their inbox.

A prospecting email is sent to a potential customer to introduce yourself, your company, and your value. Outreach emails aim to set up a call, screenshare, or in-person meeting to discuss their needs. Also, there isn’t a landing page to prime them for the conversation or an inbound component — these efforts are part of an outbound strategy.

Top-performing prospecting emails dig into a specific problem and interest felt by someone. Personalizing your emails will spark your prospect’s attention and encourage them to take the next step.

But, wait a second.

This type of personalization does not mean lazily merging in one’s job title, company name, and other demographics.

It means taking a moment to pause and reflect on how your solution could realistically help the recipient. Corporate gifting software amplifies this effort, not absolves it.

Sales enablement platform Outreach studied over 360,000 prospecting emails sent last year. They found that emails sculpted around one's interests received higher positive reply rates — and more meetings booked than typical cold emails. It pays to be personal.

Their stats show that the typical response rate for a cold email lacking personalization is 1%. Personal and relevant gifts are bound to increase your engagement. A gifting platform such as Alyce helps salespeople and BDRs tailor their message in a warm and receptive way.

We’ve rounded up 23 prospecting templates to land more meetings and hand-raises by combining promo gifts in your digital marketing outreach.

Don’t limit yourself to prospecting. Use these scripts thoughtfully in direct messages on social media, such as LinkedIn or Twitter.

Tips To Get the Most Out of These Email Templates

  • Treat every recipient as an individual. Winning B2B gifting campaigns complement the individual's relationship, context, and interest.
  • Pair gifts with emails when it’s relevant. Emphasize the actual person based on what you share in common. If your outbound strategy is irrelevant, a gift won’t help.
  • Think critically about the subject line. The body of the email is rarely read completely so focus on the subject line and the first sentence the recipient sees. Avoid clichés, but if there’s a time to be bold, it’s here.
  • Tailor these outreach email templates. We recommend updating these templates to fit the style and lingo of your audience. Less is more.

With no further ado, let’s dive into these gifting email templates!

Door-Opener Corporate Gifting Email Templates

Succesful cold emails must be succinct. Attaching a gift to a prospecting email works wonders as it simply can’t be ignored. But please, not another $5 Starbucks card.

There’s nothing wrong with Starbucks, but you ought to be more relevant for a prospective sales meeting and offer them numerous options. Invest in the relationship because time is scarce — make it worthwhile.

Door-Opener Gift For Meetings - Email Template #1

Subject Line: A gift for you to stay hydrated!

Why it works:

  • Quality brands like Yeti are a proven favorite gift among sales professionals
  • A higher-quality gift begets better interactions
  • Right-sized for the relationship and context

Door-Opener Gift For Sales Meetings - Email Template #2

Subject Line: A gift for you to keep the music playing!

Why it works:

  • Suggests a business gift that is fun and enjoyable
  • Not the usual set of virtual gift cards or branded merch
  • Reinforces that they’re in control of the next step

Door-Opener Gift For Sales Meetings - Email Template #3

Subject Line: A gift for a green thumb!

Why it works:

  • Personal gift for their home or desk
  • Suggests an eco-friendly gift or charitable donation
  • Unique from most corporate gifts

Door-Opener Gift For Road Warriors - Email Template #4

Subject Line: A gift to make sure you’re always charged

Why it works:

  • Practical, useful gift that almost anyone uses
  • Reflects that you know they’re on the go
  • Invites further conversation in a discovery call

Pipeline Acceleration Gifting Email Templates

From past interactions, the prospect has a general idea of what you do. Now it’s time to cover specific offerings based on their needs with the aim to move them along the buyer journey.

These engaging templates give you new ways to capitalize on your momentum. Revamp your email marketing messages in your CRM to see your open rates soar.

Pipeline Acceleration - Email Template #1

Subject Line: {Their Company Name} <> {Your Company Name}

Why it works:

  • Makes them feel important that you haven’t forgotten about them
  • Different gift options are likely to be explored with established trust
  • Moves the deal along with an incentive to stay top-of-mind

Pipeline Acceleration - Stakeholder Outreach - Email Template #2

Subject Line: A gift for you because you deserve it!

Why it works:

  • Continues the conversation while involving others
  • Provides a pathway to involve more decision-makers and influencers
  • Allowing them to do something for you in return

Customer Renewal Gifting Email Templates

One of the best ways to grow sales is through existing customers. They likely recognize the value you provide with adoption and favorable customer sentiment.

Despite being a classically “customer marketing” initiative, high-performing salespeople check in with recent contacts to source new deals with a trusted connection.

The best part is you won’t need a massive online footprint to show them the love. Elicit a reciprocal response with gratitude and willingness to help.

Customer Referral Thank You - Email Template #1

Subject Line: {Product Name} is more fun with friends!

Why it works:

  • Primes them to envision who else could use your product
  • Rewards them for their customer relationship
  • Invites them to respond directly which is more personal

Customer Renewal - Anniversary/Milestone - Email Template #2

Subject Line: You’ve made it

Why it works:

  • Triggered by customer anniversary or major milestone
  • Encourages recipient to accept and suggest a friend’s name and phone number.
  • Invites them to respond directly which is more personal

Customer Appreciation Business Gift Email Template

Without your existing customers, you wouldn’t be where you are today. It’s important to show appreciation to your clients for them to keep coming back.

Customer Thank You Gift - Email Template #1

Subject Line: A thank you from {your company}

Why it works:

  • Acknowledges the outcomes the customer achieved or their progress
  • Appreciates the client for being ... themselves!
  • Encourages recipients to choose the gift that resonates with their interests

Customer Welcome Gift - Email Template #2

Subject Line: A surprise just for you

Why it works:

  • Celebrates new customers that complete their onboarding
  • Demonstrates you know how important their business is
  • This first email perks up their attention to your welcome emails

Save your sales team HOURS prospecting every day.

Account Upsell Gifting Email Templates

Upselling techniques are proven to drive growth through revenue expansion. This technique is not only used with existing customers. You can also use such methods to encourage potential customers to spend more.

Upsell to Describe New Product or Service - Email Template #1

Subject Line: You’re invited to meet the new {product name}

Why it works:

  • The recipient feels appreciated for their relationship
  • They hear about a complementary product with the Post-Gift CTA.
  • Tees up the follow-up meeting to get their feedback

Upsell for Different Business Units - Email Template #2

Subject Line: Championing {Product Name} is a team sport!

Why it works:

  • Reframes the relationship as a partnership
  • Aligns the customer to help advocate for you
  • Upholds value with a thoughtful business gift

Working From Home Gifting Messages

It’s apparent that working from home is here to stay. Working from home can become quiet (or stressful), this is why a work from home gift is an excellent idea for boosting someone’s day.

The theme here is to show you care about their workspace without sending them the usual business gifts like mousepads, pens, and gift cards.

Gift for Someone Working From Home Email Template - #1

Subject Line: Something for the home office

Why it works:

  • Makes the customer think you’re thinking of them
  • They can choose a better gift they want
  • A personal gift to make their home special

Working From Home Gift Email Template - #2

Subject Line: {First Name}, the final touch on your new workspace...

Why it works:

  • Helping them feel comfortable working from home
  • Leads with a goal for the gift
  • Gives them more flexibility

WFH Gift Email Template - #3

Subject Line: Hope this completes your WFH setup

Why it works:

  • Focuses on the neat ways to round out the remote work lifestyle
  • Personal by pointing out that you wish for them to be comfortable
  • Simple, easy to read, and act upon

Donations & Charitable Gifting

Donations and charitable gifting are not only good for the charity you choose or the people it serves, but it’s good for business. Many businesses aim to support their local communities. Established brands and startups alike aim to showcase a human element in their corporate gifting programs and to differentiate themselves.

Charitable contributions are an excellent way to enroll your recipient into a shared interest while also scheduling a follow-up meeting to discuss what you share in common. Plus, they won’t even need to find their credit card!

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Gift Donation Email Template - #1

Subject Line: {First Name}, let’s spread positivity together

Why it works:

  • Gives the impression that there’s hope amid a global crisis
  • Allows for the individual to feel as though they’re making a difference
  • Provides the individual with the freedom of choice

Gift Donation Email Template - #2

Subject Line: {First Name}, want to help make a difference?

Why it works:

  • Asks the recipient to solve a shared problem
  • Freedom of which charity to choose
  • Ties back into the business relationship

Charity Donation Message Email Template - #3

Subject Line: A gift of giving for you

Why it works:

  • Improves the world with an unexpected ask
  • Reinforces the business relationship
  • Invites more conversation

International Gifting Email Marketing Templates

Having clients around the world makes it more challenging to strengthen relationships. This is why it’s important to send them gifts of appreciation in ways that are relevant to them to reflect the value of their connection to you.

Rather than sending physical gifts internationally that could get stuck in Customs or be delivered with a hefty bill upon receipt (yikes!), lean into the gift card options as a part of your marketing strategy.

Gifting Globally for Sports Fans - Email Template #1

Subject Line: {{Name}} + Manchester United + {{Your Company Name}

Why it works:

  • Thoughtful as you know their favorite team
  • Exciting that you’re supporting them
  • Uses gift cards quite tactfully in a personal way

Gifting Globally for Foodies - Email Template #2

Subject Line: {{Name}}, your recipe for success in this email

Why it works:

  • Great for sharing food-related gift cards
  • Personal as you’re sharing recipes
  • Segues into the value prop in a clever, personal way

International Gift for Global Travelers - Email Template #3

Subject Line: {Name}, is your {product category} ready to take off?

Why it works:

  • Hotel and travel e-gifts are both practical and imaginative gifts
  • Makes for a great conversation starter for their next adventure
  • Gets recipients thinking about your interest in their wellbeing

Follow-up Templates After Sending a Gift

For some people, gifting takes them by surprise. There are endless email scams out there that understandably cause recipients to keep their guard up.

Never fear. A friendly follow-up email can affirm that it’s safe to accept the corporate gift since it was from you. Another way to add more legitimacy to these gift email campaigns is to use a content marketing tool like Vidyard to include a personal video. In those videos, address your prospect by name — yes, make one for each prospect.

Touch on your product, but don’t dwell on it. Keep it both high-level about your company and about them — but make it clear you care. Remember, the focus is less about the gift and more on how the gesture makes them feel.

Sent Gift - Video Message - Email Template #1

Subject Line: A gift and a video!

Why it works:

  • Video is an immediately recognizable format for people you know
  • Reinforces the optional nature of accepting (or exchanging) gifts
  • Asks recipients to suggest the next follow-up interval — perhaps they’re OOTO.

Sent Gift - Video Follow-up - Email Template #2

Subject Line: {First Name}, check this out

Why it works:

  • Affirms the power of choice when deciding when to accept the gift
  • Reinforces the end-game that you’re after with the email
  • Uses video to add a personal side to the prospecting effort

Top Gift Ideas for Prospects

It’s key to send the right business gift at the right time.

What makes a strong gift for your audience? Here are a few pointers:

  • Respectful - A gift that isn’t too personal or imposes your will upon them
  • Relevant - A gift that is appropriate for the stage of the relationship
  • Relatable - A gift that complements one’s passions outside of work

That said, there are some categories to consider if you’re looking for new ideas.

  • Virtual gift cards (Retailers, Restaurants)
  • Smart speakers (Google Home, Amazon Alexa)
  • Drinkware (Yeti Mugs, Hydroflask)
  • Charitable donations (Ukraine, Children’s Hospitals)
  • Event follow-up (a themed swag kit after an event)

We've simplified the entire process of picking out gifts for recipients without being impersonal. Avoid the hassles of sending swag on your own with the Alyce gifting platform.

Top Gift Cards to Generate More Sales Meetings

Our gifting data compiled last year has shown that e-gifts are consistently a popular choice when booking meetings.

The top 10 gift card retailers include:

  1. Amazon
  2. Starbucks
  3. GrubHub
  4. Nordstrom
  5. DoorDash
  6. UberEats
  7. Target
  8. Lululemon
  9. Nike
  10. Whole Foods

Can you see how some types of gift cards speak to a recipient’s passions outside of work?

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Amplify (and Automate) Outreach With a Personal Gifting Platform

These free email templates will only get you so far.

You’ve got to have a simple and reliable way to keep track of your gifts and outreach efforts.

The advantage of using a gifting solution like Alyce is that recipients can schedule meetings or answer questions immediately after they redeem their gift. Talk about striking when the iron’s hot!

Tailor these email templates to fit the style, tone, and big picture of your marketing campaign. Digital gifting doesn't have to stay virtual. Alyce gives you access to over 30,000 choices to provide recipients.

Need more inspiration? We have 14 gifting ideas for marketers to send the right gift anytime along the customer journey.

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