alyce for customer marketing & success teams

Winning customers is never a one-and-done

Gifting from onboarding through advocacy is an easy and scalable way to stay top of mind.

Alyce customers see 69% average gift accepted rate across customer celebration, adoption, renewal, and expansion campaigns.

Alyce is for Customer Marketers and C/S Teams

Ensure onboarding leads to adoption

These early interactions with new customers and users can make or break usage, results, and ultimately renewals and expansion.

Gifting is a great way to motivate engagement and success.


Always be adding value

Only talking to your customers when something goes wrong or they need support is a recipe for disaster.

The best CS teams know that being proactive and adding value every day is what cements a relationship.

Expanding a deal, hitting important usage milestones, celebrating a win; these are the times when a gift with a personal video takes you from a vendor to a friend.

Need to get your customer-facing team building lasting connections ... quickly?

Gifting best practices to engage and convert more responses from prospects and customers

Check out our Customer Gifting QuickStart.

Includes ready-to-go templates, campaigns, and custom gifting marketplaces for all your customer gifting moments.

I think the best gifts for me are the small things. Our CMO recently gave us each a card for Valentine's Day and it was just the sweetest. I like small, unexpected gifts that show the person was thinking of you.

Arlette Nguyen
Demand Generation Manager at Clari

You eventually hit a spot in life where you realize that it's not all about you and that we are meant to take the gifts we’ve been given and help others maximize their potential.

Chris Atwood
Strategic Marketing Leader, ITA Group, Inc.

“Eat, sleep, breathe" basketball. Since the first grade I played year-round, whether it was school ball or AAU, and I still enjoy playing and cheering on Duke's basketball team.

Sarah Wylie
Marketing Program Manager, Bandwidth Inc.

Increase customer value

Being personal is an approach that helps you create and develop relationships for the long haul. We all know it’s easier to keep and expand current customers than it is to go find new ones.

So reward your clients when they expand or renew their subscriptions. Incent their advocacy efforts like reference calls, referrals, success stories, and social media interactions.

Showing that you're invested in them personally will make them feel good about investing in you.


And be sure to check out our Alyce for Influitive integration to create more advocates for your business!

Alyce for Influitive

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