How to use sales prospecting gifts to drive action

  “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” – Sir Isaac Newton It’s no surprise, that businesses use gifts to drive action. No investment creates more immediate …


“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” – Sir Isaac Newton

It’s no surprise, that businesses use gifts to drive action. No investment creates more immediate results. But what if you don’t already have an existing relationship with that person? The question begs…

Can you use gifts to improve sales prospecting response?

You’re a business development manager focused on getting your team of sales development reps to generate new business through appointment setting. After trying outsourcing, sending targeted emails, and switching to an Account-Based Everything model, you’re still coming up short. You ask yourself, “How can we capture our prospects’ attention and get them to take a conversation with our team?”

“Give them something.”

Odds are you’ve deployed give-to-get prospecting campaigns in the past to drum up business. Whether you’ve sent a “Get a Visa Gift Card When You Take a Demo” email or offered Beats Headphones during a call campaign, the results were probably mixed (at best). Big business development gifting “pushes” usually result in:

  1. An immediate spike in meetings
  2. Lower conversion to deal
  3. Lots of manual labor confirming meetings and delivering gifts
Want some gift ideas to send to prospects that’ll actually drive conversions? Check these out… 

Make your gifting outreach 1-to-1

Where most sales prospecting campaigns fall short isn’t in effort, it’s in execution. Dangling headphones in front of a stranger will rarely turn them into a trusted business partner. But providing a consultative sale, and adding value to each prospect through every interaction — including gifting — will help you position yourself as a resource your prospects personalized sales prospecting giftscan rely on to help them do their jobs better.

Teams that implement a 1-to-1 gifting approach for prospecting can increase active prospects by 20% and uniquely picked gifts are 2.3x more effective at creating business opportunity than sending swag alone.


There are two ways to stand out:

  1. Personalize your gift: A uniquely chosen gift demonstrates effort and establishes trust with prospects, even on the first touch. How much more likely would you be to start a conversation with a sales rep who carefully researched and chose a gift for you than a rep who sent you a templated email asking for 15 minutes?
  2. Personalize your message and follow up: Send a well-researched, perhaps handwritten message, to explain and highlight your personalized gift. Then use the personalization as a conversation starter, and shifting into your in-depth research about your prospect’s business and challenges.

Even if prospects aren’t ready to take a meeting right away, you’ve opened up a conversation that will convert to revenue at a much higher rate than crappy cold email, marketing automation, and cold calls ever will.

How do you find gifts for prospects you don’t know anything about? Here are 13 ideas just for you. 

Put 1-to-1 sales prospecting gifts to action

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March 23, 2017
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How to use sales prospecting gifts to drive action

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