Alyce for RollWorks

Engage targeted accounts with thoughtful and personal gifts based on RollWorks intent signals.

Engage Accounts With Outbound Love

Focus on the Right Accounts

Use RollWorks to reach targeted accounts and send business gifts when they're ready for a conversation.

Engage Your Target Account List (TAL)

Add people to your targeted gifting campaign based on your budget, goals, and desired outcomes.

Prioritize the Most Valuable Accounts

Send well-timed personal gifts to those using RollWorks behaviors, attributes, and journey stages.

How To Send Gifts From RollWorks

In a few steps, you can send corporate gifts from Alyce from audience behaviors in RollWorks.

Connect this Alyce gifting integration from either HubSpot or Salesforce.

1️⃣  Connect RollWorks to HubSpot
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2️⃣ Link RollWorks to Salesforce
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3️⃣ Prep Alyce for RollWorks recipes
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