Alyce for 6sense

Deliver relevant experiences with gifting based on AI insights and intent signals from 6sense.

Achieve Outbound Love With More Relevance

Add High-intent Contacts to an Alyce Campaign

Send a personal and thoughtful gift to the right accounts at the right times to maximize your ROI.

Focus on the Most Promising Accounts

Customize your gifting strategy based on your goals with the combination of job title, intent stage, and account list.

Automate Gifting and Stay In Your Budget

The 6sense integration will add contacts to your Alyce campaign for you to review and gift based on your criteria.

How To Send Gifts From 6sense

In a few steps, you can send gifts based on buyer intent signals found in 6sense.

1️⃣  Review integration requirements
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2️⃣ Connect 6sense to Salesforce + Alyce
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3️⃣ Set up Alyce for 6sense recipes
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