Outbound Prospecting

The Gifting Platform to Fill Your Pipeline.

Scaling the quality of your outreach is just as important, if not more important, than scaling the quantity. Being impersonal is a waste of your resources.

Prospects remember
how you made them feel

When you treat outreach prospecting like a numbers game and your prospects like numbers, you’ll book fewer meetings and create fewer opportunities than you should.

Generic sales outreach leads to missed quarters. Delivering more personalized prospecting experiences with Alyce gifting helps you stand out, get noticed, and on your way to making a deeper connection.


The proof is in the personal


Booked meeting rate with email invitations from a unified communications company


Pipeline generation goal reached from an enterprise security company

Personalize Gift Box - Prospecting Gifting Software - Alyce

They're aware.
Get them to act.

Traditional Direct Mail is focused on creating attention. But simple awareness is not what you’re after. You want action. That’s where traditional offline marketing fails and Alyce shines.

Unique codes - Every personal gift and every action is completely trackable through the process from viewed to accepted.

Required actions - Calendar integration make it easier for prospects to book meetings during the gifting process.

Next steps - Post-gift CTAs and video landing pages provide important context to move prospects through the funnel.


The best part of Alyce is that it does all the research for you and suggests gifts that the recipient will definitely like. Giving someone a meaningful gift shows that you care enough to learn about them and want to impress them. It's taken my ability to book meetings with the right people to the next level.

—Megan Sullivan-Dempsey,
Sales Development Rep @ Procore

Target the whole team

Being personal not only helps you get your foot in the door, it helps you settle in and get comfortable. We all know buying is a team sport these days, but what’s good for the goose is also good for the flock.

As you move up the chain or expand the list, Alyce provides the same high-value experience to all helping you earn trust and expand throughout the organization.

Mario - Prospect Gifting Platform - Relate To Their 5to9 For Higher Engagement.

Don't take our word for it, take theirs

Of course we think Alyce is all that and a bag of chips. (Yes, we're bringing it back) But getting the straight dope from users just like you might be more useful.

Jorge R Lopez
Jorge L. Account Executive
Excellent tool for breaking into strategic accounts.
Erica P. Manager, Partner Marketing, Wex

The Alyce client services team has been phenomenal to work with. Everyone we have interacted with is friendly, helpful and proactive!

Jacques E. Business Development Representative, Fuze

It’s been a brilliant tool to help cut through the clutter and help earn someone’s time! Definitely, find that it helps create a warmer intro.

Austin S
Austin S Team Captain, Senior BDR

I use Alyce to set up a lot of calls with prospects. It’s very easy to use and I’m able to connect my calendar so prospects are able to put time on my calendar that works for both of us. It’s also nice that they have the ability to switch out gifts I send.

Cameron B. Business Development, 6Sense

[Biggest benefits] have been booking meetings with big accounts, making someone’s day with a gift, breaking through the noise

4.7 out of 5
Vina E
Vina E. Head of Marketing, Pure Storage Canada

Alyce is super easy and simple to set up and implement specific campaigns. Everything can be customized and personalized. The AI feature is great to offer the ‘right’ gift or they can switch it out for something of their choice! The marketplace is great with amazing options. I love its available across US and Canada. Can also integrate with our calendar and email. We’ve had a lot of success using the tool to get meetings booked. The Alyce team is great to work with, they take the time to ensure the team is set up and trained for successful campaigns!

Sarah W. Marketing Programs & Events Specialist, Bandwidth

In this day and age, people are so busy, their emails are full, and it seems impossible to stand out. Alyce has done a great job at breaking through the noise with a unique, personal gift. In addition, the scalability has been a tremendous help to increase efficiency between our sales and marketing units.

You've got questions, we've got content

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And up until a few weeks ago, we were using Alyce in it’s traditional model. Like every marketing team out there we’ve had to pivot our strategies away from the way we had previously been executing most programs. Quickly.

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