How Gifting Helped This Marketing Team Grow Pipeline by 50%

Meet Whitney Donaldson, Director of Demand Generation,

Whitney Donaldson, the Director of Demand Generation at, has made significant strides in the B2B partnership management platform arena.

With a career spanning various facets of marketing from events management to performance marketing, Whitney has been instrumental in shaping’s demand generation strategies, particularly in the realms of affiliate and influencer programs.

Problem: Proving Marketing ROI Amidst Rising Advertising Costs

The primary challenge for was to remain resilient and effective in the face of economic uncertainties and increasing advertising costs.

The goal was to engage prospects more meaningfully and strategically without inflating the budget, a crucial step for sustaining growth and market presence.

Additionally, with every dollar spent being tracked, needed a way to demonstrate the influence of gifting on closed-won deals. Their previous gifting solution, Sendoso, did not offer this type of reporting.

Whitney recalls, “And so we got on a call with Alyce, had a demo, and we were blown away by what it was capable of doing–we signed two weeks later!”.

Solution: Gifting Strategy as an All-Hands Approach

Of course, a solution is only valuable when it’s used well and often, so Whitney made sure that her team not only attended all of Alyce’s onboarding training sessions, she also ensured they had a personal stake in impact’s success with gifting.

“Our BDR directors and the sales leaders were involved in every step, from the demo to the buying process and in setting up their own gifting campaigns – agreeing to create 2-3 per quarter," Whitney recounts.

"They’re also responsible for bringing performance metrics to me at the end of every month or end of every quarter so that they're held accountable."

"And I think that it actually has allowed them to be really excited about it too, because now they have this friendly competition with each other, like ‘Oh, my campaign's performing so well! How's yours doing?’”

Industry: RevTech

Employees: 2,500+

Headquarters: Santa Barbara, CA, the world’s leading partnership management platform, is transforming the way businesses manage and optimize all types of partnerships—including traditional rewards affiliates, influencers, commerce content publishers, B2B, and more. The company’s powerful, purpose-built platform makes it easy for businesses to create, manage, and scale an ecosystem of partnerships with the brands and communities that customers trust to make purchases, get information, and entertain themselves at home, at work, or on the go.

Key Takeaways:

  • How integrating sales leaders in the tool assessment led to enhanced accountability and campaign success.
  • How the combination of Alyce and 6Sense enabled the team to target prospects at the optimal stage of their buying journey, significantly increasing engagement and conversion rates.
  • How tailoring gifts to prospects’ interests and causes crucially improved the acceptance and effectiveness of the gifting campaigns.
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We're actually contributing 50% of new business company pipeline and revenue right now. That is a huge accomplishment.

— Whitney Donaldson

Director of Demand Generation |


Return on gift spend


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Initial gift spend

Alyce’s impact Dashboard also makes it easy for the BDR team to analyze and share the data from their campaigns.

“I will say my BDR directors are in love with the new Alyce dashboarding, being able to go in and say, '“Here's how much my team has spent, here's how many meetings we generated, here are the gifts that are driving the most meetings, and then here's how much return,” Whitney mentions.

Whitney also reinforces the Alyce recipient experience with her team by periodically sending them personalized Alyce gifts as thank yous and morale boosters on company-designated mental health days – her favorite so far being a beer mug with an embedded guitar pick to a guitar-playing team member who loves craft beer.

Alyce + Integrations + Creativity= A Successful ‘Spice-y’ Campaign

While Whitney’s team did have some success with cold prospecting, the addition of 6Sense and its integration with Alyce, Salesforce, and Marketo was a game-changer. With these tools seamlessly working together, Whitney’s team was able to identify prospects actively seeking to purchase and with the budget to do so – this insight helped increase the quality of leads to whom they sent gifts.

The team then applied some creativity with their Alyce gifting campaign – capitalizing on the fall season with a gift offer of Pumpkin Spice lattes along with a personalized message. As a result of this campaign, Whitney’s team not only generated close to 250 meetings, but the percentage of prospects who followed through on attending the meetings dramatically increased.

"Alyce’s integration with 6Sense was a game-changer. It helped us target the right accounts at the right time, significantly improving our gift acceptance rate over cold prospecting. Our Pumpkin Spice Latte campaign alone generated around 250 meetings, showcasing the power of combining seasonality, fun, and strategic gifting–and it has driven to date over $25,000 in NMRR on only $4000 of gifting spend!”

Personalization and the Power-of-Choice™

Another key to Whitney and her team’s success is the time they take to research their gift recipients so that they can tailor their gifting to each recipient’s interests, especially when the intended recipient is from a large enterprise account.

“We’ll check out their LinkedIn, Facebook and other social profiles. So, for example, if you see that they're a Yankees fan, maybe we’ll give them Yankees tickets or a gift card with the suggestion to use it to buy Yankees tickets," Whitney explains.

"A lot of our BDRs use charity as a leading gift. There are quite a few instances where we know that an executive and their organization is really big into LGBTQ causes, and so we'll offer the gift as a donation to a relevant charity on their behalf.”

But even in cases where the recipient’s interests aren’t known, Whitney and her team still can capture prospects’ attention with a well-written personal note and incorporating Alyce’s Power-of-Choice™ into their campaign settings.

“We get thank yous from prospects all the time! The most common feedback is ‘This is so fun that I get to choose from thousands of gift options!’ And as someone who's been the recipient of Alyce Gifts before, I get so excited when I know I’ll get that choice, too.”

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Alyce's integration with 6sense was a game has driven to date over $25,000 in NMRR on only $4000 of gifting spend!

— Whitney Donaldson

Director of Demand Generation |