Alyce for Slack

Keep track of every gift in real-time using your favorite business communication app.

Relevant Gifting that Delivers Outbound Love

Instant Gift Status Notifications

Get notified the moment a gift has been viewed, which allows you to follow up with the recipient in a relevant way.

Activity Logs to See Data Exchanged

Easily access the data exchanged or the activities completed to check that your notification recipe is working flawlessly.

Alerts Where You Want Them

Choose between a channel or a direct message for your gift status notifications. Wherever Slack works, you'll get alerted.

How To Use Alyce for Slack

In a few steps, you can get notified when recipients view your corporate gifts.

1️⃣  Install Alyce for Slack
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2️⃣ Configure Alyce for Slack
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3️⃣ Get alerts when gifts are viewed