B2B Gifting

ROI Dashboard:Revenue Impact & Funnel Influence

+Performance & Trends Reporting

Track your gifting results, see your impact and ROI, and celebrate your wins across your entire organization.

Alyce ROI Dashboard

Unlock insights to the impact on your bottom line


Measure your B2B gifting results with our new Impact Dashboard, available with the Alyce + Salesforce integration

Track your influence on meetings, new opportunities, and booked revenue.

Get the ROI data you need—instantly at your fingertips—to see, repeat, and scale what's working, make some tweaks, or simply share results with stakeholders.


Opportunities Created & Closed

Use the Impact & Funnel Influence Dashboard to see how gifting has helped your team book meetings, build new pipeline, and close deals—by account and by value.


Gift Performance

Performance Reports tell you how specific gifts, campaigns, and teams are doing. Use the Gifting Trends Reports to learn which gifts are most popular, highest converting, and most exchanged.


Team Use & Success

Team Usage Reports reveal your most successful senders so you can identify and clone power users, see users who aren't gifting, and track all team member activity across your organization.

Results for all of your 1:1 and 1:many campaigns

Whether you drive new business, customer renewals, or expansion, the Alyce Impact Dashboard and performance and trends insights show how your individual campaigns—or multiple campaigns by category—are performing.

Use the information to get a better understanding of your gifting spend and overall influence on new and recurring revenue.

Track the ROI of your gifting against new opportunities

NEW! Tie gifts to new opportunities – sourced by your gifting campaigns.

Alyce opens doors and accelerates deals

Reporting for Sales & Marketing

Instantly know which gifts prospects and customers viewed, opened, claimed, or exchanged.

Gauge your pipeline activity by monitoring which campaigns prompted meetings, re-engagement, and wins.

Now, with Alyce First 'door openers' reporting, see all the new deals created as a result of your gifting (for opportunities created up to 60 days following gifting campaigns).

Reporting for Customer Marketing & Success

See which gifts, campaigns, and teams are increasing your customers' lifetime value.


Reporting for Leadership

Leaders of revenue-driving marketing, sales, and customer teams can directly access results (or have them delivered) to be kept up-to-date on how gifting is helping them achieve their organization's goals—over any preferred time range.

Identify patterns and use insights for team enablement and future success.

End-to-end campaign management

Create, deliver, track, and report on your gifting campaigns, per each initiative or over time.

Get the insights you, your teams, and your leadership need to make informed decisions that drive wins and repeatable, sustainable results—for the long haul.

Alyce scrolling thank-yous

New in your feed: Live scrolling Thank-Yous

Because not all impact is measured in numbers and dollars 💙.

Get a real-time view of the thank-you messages your recipients share upon accepting their gift!

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