B2B Gifting

Send the Best B2B Gifts With a Personal Gifting Platform.

Alyce creates memorable outreach throughout the customer’s journey with personal gifting. Our digital gifting platform includes gift research, a curated gifting marketplace, and time-saving integrations to bring you closer to your audience.

Personal Gifting Recommendations - B2B Gifting Platform

AI-driven Research & Personal Gifting Recommendations

A corporate gifting platform that appeals to personal interests

Personal interest research - The Alyce B2B Gifting Platform includes human-augmented AI that saves your reps hours of tedious research and tees them up to create relatable experiences by uncovering their prospect's #5to9™ personal interests.

“Just for them” gift recommendations - Alyce simplifies the B2B gifting process by recommending and sourcing gifts for your prospects based on our personal research, allowing you can create personal bonds.

Physical & Digital Gifts

The gifting platform that break through with a personal approach

Personal messages - Tailored one-to-one messages, handwritten and delivered physically or by a personal email, kick off the relationship.

Eye-catching invitations - Break through the noise and stand out from the crowd with surprising and delightful invitations to recommended gifts.

Unique gift code - Every gift includes a unique code that bridges the online with the offline and provides you valuable insight into recipient activity.

Address verification - Our 96% accuracy rate saves valuable time and gives you peace of mind knowing your gift invitation will get to the right place.

Send Personal Gifts To Prospects, Customers, & Employees - Personal Outreach

Alyce is a great tool to help with your outbound prospecting activities. Alyce is helping me book more meetings and send appreciation gifts to prospects throughout my entire sales funnel.

— Courtney Carpenter,
Account Executive @ Adobe

B2B Digital Gifting - Recipient Experience (Professional Email With A Business Gift)

Digital Recipient Experience 

Create a cohesive recipient experience tailored to their needs

Power of Choice - Give recipients the opportunity to accept, exchange or donate their gift value to charity. Leverage Alyce's gifting platform marketplace to allow exchanges of up to 100,000 items!

Video landing pages - Improve conversion up to 80% with personal or campaign-based videos that add a warm connection to your business gift.

Follow-Up Gift Actions

Your gifting platform should grab attention and spur some action

Required action - Lock down the next steps by making personal gifting actionable. Require booked meetings, specific questions to be answered or information to be given in order for a recipient to accept a gift.

Relevant post-gift actions - Include a post-gift CTA to create an end-to-end personal experience for your recipients- that directs prospects to relevant content like landing pages, ebooks, surveys, or more.

Corporate Gifting Follow-Up - Schedule Meetings, Collect Survey Responses with Personal Gifting from Alyce.
Real-Time B2B Gift Campaign Performance & Gifting Insights

Measure & Track Gifting Campaigns

Report the impact of your efforts in the gifting platform or from your favorite tool

Real-time notifications - Get complete visibility and timely notifications during the entire fulfillment process, and for every gift delivered, viewed, and accepted.

Spend attribution and alignment - Understand and optimize how personal gifting is influencing meetings booked, pipeline, and revenue.

User, Team, & Gifting Campaign Controls

Built to scale your organization's needs

Enterprise-level control - Scale, manage and control your personal gifting program with admin level settings that control org, team, and campaign budgets, gift volumes, gift types, price limits, team member limits, and more.

Unlimited team usage - Grow as needed by adding team members when ready with no new negotiations or additional cost. Every license is a site license.

Gifting Software For the Enterprise - User/Team/Campaign Permissions

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