6Sense delivers personal at scale

Mark Ebert is the VP of North American Sales at 6Sense, an account engagement platform for leading revenue teams. With the intent data from their platform the 6Sense team knew who they wanted to talk to and when the right time to talk was, but they needed a way to get the conversation started.

Mark realized their approach needed to shift to a better way to engage and connect with their prospects in a way that wasn’t interruptive or disruptive. That’s when they decided it was time to started building bonds through Alyce.

6Sense Customer Story

It’s now an integral part of our whole strategy.


— Mark Ebert,
VP of NAM Sales @ 6Sense

Building Bonds through Personal Gifting

The 6Sense team preaches personalization every day. A provider of ABM solutions, they practice what they preach when it comes to scaling their account-based selling motion. The team uses their predictive intelligence to identify target accounts in conversation-ready stages, they realized the traditional outreach approach just wasn’t going to work. 

“There’s no question that every one we want to start a conversation with is busy. Their inboxes are cluttered and it’s very, very hard to get their attention. But we know the timing is right," says Mark.

Armed with the right timing, the 6Sense team knew the traditional forms of outreach alone weren’t going to start the conversations with the prospects they wanted to get in touch with.

“One of our challenges was our team was how do they build an upfront level of trust with the people we’d love to have a relationship with. It’s hard to do when you’re in an office hundreds of miles away. The challenge becomes, how the heck do you get the door open. And that’s where Alyce comes in for us.” - Mark Ebert

The Complete Package with Alyce and 6Sense

The 6Sense team leverages Alyce to build relationships with their high-quality prospects, ones that they know are ready for a discussion. Through custom cadences created for their Business Development Reps and Account Executives, Mark’s teams are able to start productive dialogs with their prospects. 

“It’s now an integral part of our whole strategy,” says Mark. “That personal approach goes a long way. And it gets people in the right mindset that says ‘this company's done their work and they've got something meaningful they want to share with us.’”

Personal at Scale

As the 6Sense team - and their success - continues to grow, their focus is on scaling their sales org. “We have big goals at 6sense. We always have,” says Mark. “We’re going after different markets and we’re really thinking more holistically about our go-to-market in general.”

With that holistic approach, the 6Sense Team will lean-in further into their use of Alyce to scale the trust they want to build into the relationships they create with their prospects.

About 6Sense:

The 6sense Account Engagement Platform helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team.

Industry: Marketing Technology

Company Size: 280

Location: San Fransisco, CA