How 6sense Turned $6,200 in Gifts Into $3.6 Million in Pipeline

People see more than 6,000 ads and exchange over 300 billion emails every single day. For B2B brands that want to grow revenue, this is a massive problem — and opportunity.

In the B2B world, many of us are overwhelmed trying to keep up with dozens of communication channels. The result is that we become immune to the typical forms of digital advertising. Our customers also feel the constant demands on their attention: they receive heaps of cold emails and outreach that often feel impersonal and insincere.

6sense champions the idea that you have to move beyond this noise to make genuine connections because Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is all about people

Through the 6sense Revenue AI™ account-based platform, sales teams gain key data insights and pipeline visibility. The platform leverages AI and big data to help marketing and sales teams gain visibility into which accounts are in market, what buying stage they’re in, and what matters most to members of the buying committee.

6sense Revenue AI™ Intent Data Platform

Alyce helps us track our spend and provides a cohesive picture of what’s working so we can double down on it.

— Paul Hudson

ABX Coordinator | 6sense


Return on gift spend


Gifts sent with Alyce


Waste from unwanted swag

For example, suppose your buyer is in the market for new CRM software. They might skim customer reviews, read about integrations, or peek at pricing. 6sense helps companies reach these CRM buyers long before they fill out a form.

As 6sense’s Account-Based Experience (ABX) Coordinator, Paul Hudson supports go-to-market managers by helping them build and execute targeted, personalized campaigns across marketing channels. This includes working with Alyce to create a personal gifting program. 

With their years-long partnership in the books, 6sense and Alyce are now a power couple. Personal gifting helps 6sense stand out from the digital clutter and nurture strong relationships built on genuine human interest.

Standing Out in a Noisy World

ABM is all about using predictive analytics or integrations to identify high-value target accounts most likely to engage with your sellers. But that outreach will never succeed if there isn’t a personal touch.

6sense knows how to add personality to its selling approach. With set pipeline goals for segments in their business, they stay laser-focused on those targets to turn prospects into loyal customers

In this process, Paul helps the go-to-market team generate high-quality pipeline. He brainstorms new campaigns and creates innovative programs, so sellers can add more personalization and fun to existing deals.

Despite the collaborative approach, Paul found 6sense’s biggest challenge was differentiating itself among prospects — there are over 15,000 SaaS companies globally, after all.

“Given there is so much noise in the world, it’s hard to stand out,” Paul said. “Gifting helps our marketing and sales teams add that personal touch. Alyce helps us make it as simple as possible.”

For gifting inspiration, Paul and his team use Alyce’s AI feature and State of Gifting Report, as well as tracking their own data. This shows them what works and what doesn’t while tracking the ROI, giving them the confidence to invest in gifting.

Chart showing accepted gifts versus their meeting and send ranks

In Paul’s role with a previous company, they had a manual gifting program which Paul described as tedious and time-consuming.

“Every single time someone booked a meeting, we had to ask them to send their information,” Paul said. “To be able to send gifts automatically saves so much time. Alyce gets it done seamlessly.”

6sense’s gifting program focuses on scaling personalized gifting efforts using 6sense AI insights and Alyce, so they can perfectly time each gift to maximize conversion.

“Alyce helps us track our spend and see the results in a cohesive, full picture,” Paul said. “This way we can see what’s working and what’s not, so we can double down on what’s working.”

Industry: RevTech

Employees: 1,200+

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

6sense reinvents the way organizations create, manage, and convert pipeline to revenue. 6sense Revenue AI™ captures anonymous buying signals, targets the right accounts at the ideal time, and recommends the channels and messages to boost revenue performance. Removing guesswork, friction, and wasted sales effort, 6sense empowers sales, marketing, and customer success teams to significantly improve pipeline quality, accelerate sales velocity, increase conversion rates, and grow revenue predictably. 6sense has been recognized for its market-defining technology by Forbes Cloud 100, Gartner, and Forrester, and for its strong culture by Glassdoor, Inc. Magazine, and Comparably.

Key Takeaways:

  • How gifting re-engages lost or closed sales opportunities 
  • How personalization helps B2B SaaS companies stand out
  • How to replicate successful campaigns using gifting AI
  • How to integrate gifting into your sales playbooks

Alyce lets us engage with prospects at the right time and helps us stand out. [It's] an essential tool in our arsenal.

— Paul Hudson

ABX Coordinator | 6sense

How Gifting Led to a 239x ROI

Recently, a few major wins came about through a couple of targeted campaigns.

In their recent “Lost Opportunity Campaign,” Paul and the ABM team realized a significant amount of pipeline left on the table from lapsed accounts. So they began brainstorming ways to re-engage these accounts.

The team decided to see if gifting could help and sent these prospects a gift card with a personalized message.

Outbound Sales Email Message Example - 6sense and Alyce

6sense spent $6,200 on 235 gift cards. Forty-two were accepted. Conversations started up, and in the end, 6sense generated more than $150,000 in ARR from this marketing campaign with millions backing it in sales pipeline.

“It’s one of the team’s biggest wins of the entire year,” Paul said.

Building Thoughtful, Creative Campaigns from Scratch

Though Paul spends his day opening and closing tons of tabs, he never closes Alyce. He uses it constantly to check on campaigns and keep things on track.

“I always have it handy,” Paul said. “Just in case we have to look at how campaigns are doing. Everything is laid out super nice, and is very easy to reference.”

In addition to its targeted campaigns, 6sense integrates Alyce throughout the sales cycle. Gifting helps the sales team add elements of play to their outreach. The group considers questions like: Where should my messaging stand out? What’s the best way to catch someone’s eye?

Here are a few types of corporate gifts:

  • Door-Opener Gifts
    An Alyce specialty, the 6sense Sales team is well-versed in sending personalized “Door-Opener” gifts to get a prospective customer’s attention or even connect with customers further along in the sales funnel. Sometimes, it’s creaking that door open on accounts that have gone dark; gifting is often the strategy that works in re-sparking conversation.
  • Event Gifts
    In addition to events like individual campaigns or key accounts they want to move into the next buying phase, 6sense also puts on large-scale events. These events are also ideal places to add gifting.
  • Surprise Gifts
    6sense also leverages Alyce for one-off gifting. For instance, they’ll send a gift when a customer lands a new role or has a baby. These human touches spark joy in a person’s day, creating an interaction the recipient won’t forget.

Alyce makes it easier for the 6sense Sales team to send a gift when the moment feels right. They can access the Alyce platform and choose from more than 30,000 gifts in the marketplace. In addition, its full-featured Salesforce integration offers key trackable data, so they can easily see gift acceptance rates and follow up with the customer. 

“Pairing 6sense with Alyce lets us engage with prospects at the right time, and helps us stand out. With Alyce's many use cases, the platform serves as an essential tool in our arsenal for personalized outreach,” said Paul.

Power Couple: 6sense & Alyce Send the Right Gifts at the Right Time

With 8,500 gifts sent through their partnership with Alyce, 6sense found that personal gifting to customers — at the right time — helps them add a winning touch to their outreach. Together, their powers combined create a recipe for ABM success.

“When you leverage 6sense and Alyce, you’re sending gifts to people who are ready to be engaged with. In ABM, this is huge because you’re not wasting money, you know who to prioritize, and what you’re sending is actually embraced rather than ignored. 6sense provides the plan, and Alyce gives you the execution,” said Paul.

Alyce helps 6sense send customers gifts so that Sales and Customer Success can focus on identifying the accounts with the most potential and interacting with them in meaningful ways.


When you leverage 6sense and Alyce, you’re sending gifts to people who are ready to engage. This is huge because you’re not wasting money.

— Paul Hudson

ABX Coordinator | 6sense

Now, Lost Opportunities don’t end in lost pipeline. The Alyce gifting platform engages potential customers, keeps the conversation going, and demonstrates Outbound Love. In a super noisy world, these personal touches make all the difference.

Could we be the next power couple? See how you can share the ❤️ with your customers, hop on a live demo with a gifting expert today.