Vidyard + Alyce

Create and strengthen relationships at every stage of the customer journey by combining the power of business gifting with personal video.

Vidyard for Alyce Video

Using the Alyce and Vidyard integration to combine personal video with personal gifting is easy and makes an impact, helping us deliver even more personal experiences to our buyers.

Ryan Lundberg- Ryan Lundberg,
Sales Development Manager @ Procore

Personal Video

Put a face to the name behind the gift

Deliver the most personal experience possible by pairing a Vidyard video with your Alyce gift. Record, edit, and attach videos to your Alyce gifts so that prospects and customers alike can get to know you better - all within your daily workflow.

Get meaningful engagement from your key accounts

A gift sent with a video goes much further than sending a generic automated email. Adding a personal video to an email can increase click-through-rates up to 50%.

Break up the monotony of those automated emails to your key accounts with a prospecting experience that's memorable.


Increase conversions and build more pipeline

The combination of a gift with a video is your key to unlocking higher conversion rates on your Alyce landing pages.

Higher conversion rates in Alyce mean an increase in the number of gifts accepted. The more gifts accepted, the more pipeline generated.

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