Alyce for Influitive

Turn your customers into vocal, raise-the-roof brand promoters by easily rewarding their loyalty with the right gifts—at just the right time.

Alyce & Influitive
Nurture new and existing business, at once

When you go the extra mile to create advocates and reward them through gifting, the payback skyrockets


Advocates naturally chat up your brand

Vocal ambassadors who sing your praises are worth their weight in gifts.


Advocates hand-deliver the best leads 

Referral leads convert 30% better than other leads.


Advocates pay it forward

An ounce of appreciation goes a long way, especially when you need their help again.


Advocates boost profitability

Stats show advocates are up to 10X more profitable than casual customers. 

Curious to see how to lock in your advocate marketing revenue stream with Alyce + Influitive?

Thank-yous are never one and done

Self-service means instant rewards for them and less effort for you

Rewarding your customers shouldn't feel like work

With the Alyce and Influitive integration, it's easy to scale your gift rewards program and your results. Once total points are earned, recipients can redeem the gift of their choice – on their own, right in Influitive.


Connect your Influitive instance to Alyce


Create your Influitive gift campaign in Alyce


Add your preferred gift rewards
YES! General gift cards are available for speed and convenience. No need to add 100s of merchants!


Easier for you, better for them

  • Offer customers the option to choose the gift they want
  • Add high-value options to incent your most influential customers to keep you top of mind
  • Automate timely, expected rewards for referrals, success stories, event participation, and social posts
  • Lock in this revenue stream by automatically capturing every advocate marketing opportunity
Alyce & Influitive Customer Advocate Gift Rewards

Upon redemption, customers can choose their preferred gift from the Alyce Marketplace

Power of Choice for advocates to select the gift reward of their choice

Rewards fulfilled through Alyce are processed immediately (upon approval).

Gift cards shown are just some of the available options from leading gift card providers. Gift card rewards available now. Physical gift rewards coming soon.

Ready to Scale Your Impact?

Make Alyce gift rewards instantly available from Influitive.

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