Alyce for Dynamics


Marketers can integrate gifting into their everyday workflows and track results—right in Microsoft Dynamics.

Take campaigns to the next level

Once contacts meet required criteria, they will automatically be enrolled in the gifting campaign, eliminating the need for hours of manual effort.

This is how you scale your 1:1 personalized experiences

And how you do more with less more. Create a single campaign to keep it simple for your team.

But give recipients the option to exchange for another gift, so they can personalize their experience as they prefer.

Exchange options can be any gift type from the Alyce Marketplace within your budget or specific items within a campaign theme.

Insights you won't have to hunt for

Not only can you send gifts directly from Dynamics, you can also track results, just like you would with any Dynamics campaign.

Instantly see what's working and how your campaigns are impacting your growth.

Scale Your Gifting. Scale Your Results from Dynamics.

Start sending gifts effortlessly to prospects and customers—all from within Dynamics.

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