Events are supposed to be special. That’s why they’re called events.

Make the most of your event marketing strategy with Alyce’s thoughtful before, during, and after approach

Make it an event to remember


Incentivize attendance at your booth or webinar with personal outreach

during the event

Create and cement relationships with branded swag select cards

post event

Build your pipeline with a well timed and respectful follow-up from your event

Drive registrations with purposeful actions

After you’ve created your target list or personas, it’s time to get personal. Boost pre-event engagement by sending a relatable gift to every possible attendee using Alyce’s research and recommendations. Then use a Post-Gift CTA to drive them to the registration page. Or gift them after they’ve registered as a thank you.


Cheap swag at events makes you look cheap

Managing and shipping swag to your events is costly, bothersome and a poor customer experience. Other than that it’s perfect. But with your own Swag Select™ marketplace and swag select cards you skip the hassle and dial-up the delight. Give high-value prospects a high-value experience and track the results in real-time.

Face-to-Face over the internet

There’s no reason that a webinar can’t be a great personal experience even though it’s virtual. As long as you take the same Alyce approach. By being relatable, relevant, and respectful you’ll boost your attendees, engagement, and conversions.


Follow up to drive pipeline

Attending events or creating webinars is no simple thing so you need to make them count. And it’s easy to get lost in the details of the day. So many companies forget the most important part. Effective follow-up is the difference between a lead and an opportunity. Personal gifting is a respectful way to drive the next steps while deepening the relationship.

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TL;DR of the Lets Get Phygital Webinar: Bring The Physical To The Digital World

Last week, our director of demand gen, Nina Butler, and director of customer marketing, MK Getler, put on a webinar we called “Let’s Get Phygital”, where they explored how you can stay personal with your digital events and bring the physical world into the digital world.

Alyce Launches the First Customer-Centric Swag Platform to Make B2B Swag Personal, Easier to Manage, and Measurable

Alyce Swag Select™ Eliminates Waste, Alleviates Costly Logistics Burden, and Delivers More Compelling Personal Swag Experiences to Prospects and Customers

Engage Your Virtual Event Attendees with Conference Swag

Alyce ran a webinar about how to make the most out of physical events going digital. Check out the TL;DR version of that webinar below!