Alyce for Marketo

With the Alyce + Marketo integration, Marketers can include gifting into their everyday workflows and track results—right in Marketo.


When I run campaigns it's so seamless. I barely have to do anything -- it's like an engine that can run on itself.

 — Cynthia Chiang 
Senior Marketing Manager
@ Branch

From gifts sent to accepted – in a snap – thanks to the Alyce 1:Many feature 

As marketers, you need to personalize your outreach, but you also have a lot of ground to cover.

Forget copying/pasting each gift link per recipient. You've got better things to do.

When you send Alyce gift invitations in Marketo, it's like sending your usual marketing emails, using smart lists or list uploads.

Send to any number of recipients but allow them to exchange their gift for what they prefer. Easy for you and a personalized experience for them.

Personalized Prospect Gift Invite Landing Page - Alyce
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Talk about an interesting moment

When a gift gets delivered, viewed, or accepted, your sales team will want to know right away.

Equip them to self-serve using the Sales Insights option you're already using for your other Marketo campaigns.

Within Sales Insights, through the Marketo + Alyce integration, you can choose which gift status levels you want to treat as Interesting Moments – from gifts:

  • Created
  • Sent
  • Delivered
  • Viewed
  • Accepted

The integration makes it a breeze for your reps to focus on their best bets!

All the insights you need, in one spot

All Alyce campaigns are directly synced to the Salesforce Campaign object, so you can report on Alyce the same way you report on other revenue-driving programs.

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Alyce & Salesforce FAQs

Is this a managed package?


What does the integration include?

Out of the box dashboards, custom “Gifts” object, visualforce element for page views.

How much does the integration cost?

There’s no additional cost for the integration- it is included in the platform cost.

Is this available in Classic & Lightning?


Which reports are included?

The Alyce Performance Dashboard, Alyce Admin Dashboard, and Alyce Sales Rep Dashboard are all included, with the ability to create additional custom reports and dashboards as well.