Q1 2022

Alyce Unwrapped

New Features & Enhancements

Sending personal gifts to prospects and clients is even easier with Alyce. We’ve added a new type of gifting campaign, a shiny new CRM integration, analytics dashboards, and global gifting options.

Let’s look at what’s new.

Prospecting Gifting Campaign

Sending gifts as part of your sales or business development outreach is even easier. Our new prospecting campaign type makes it a breeze to gift up to 200 people at once. Increase your meetings booked in just a few clicks.

HubSpot & Outreach Integrations

Marketers and sellers can finally agree on something: the joy that comes from sending gifts directly from within HubSpot. Our integration lets you send gifts from your workflows and can trigger automation based on the Alyce gift status.

Plus, we've also made it even easier to send gifts from the Outreach sales engagement platform.

Admin Analytics Dashboards

Need we say more? Admins have real-time insights into gifting campaign performance and adoption. You won’t have to piece together disparate data sources to know the ROI and performance of your gifting campaigns.

Global Gifting

Sending gifts worldwide is a complicated task. Today in the Alyce platform, you can send digital gift cards and charitable donations with just a few clicks.


Q4 2021 Product Release Recap

Watch the replay of our previous product launch. Megan Pratt, Director of Product Marketing, guides you through our new Eloqua integration, improved Salesforce sync, and new campaign type for in-person events.

Want to see these updates in action?