Gift Experience

Moments that set you apart

Alyce’s recipient-first approach is built around the gift experience. With an expansive marketplace, an interactive invitation, and a secure redemption process, our experience starts with delighting your recipient and ends with the engagement you want.

Our simple, powerful belief: Always Be Personal

Being personal pays


Pipeline to Spend Ratio for an access management company


Booked meeting rate for a predictive analytics company


Pipeline generated in 6 mo. for a unified communications company

Elevate your engagement with key accounts

You’ve identified your top prospect at a key account, why would you use the same generic and impersonal outreach as your other prospects? Wow them with an invitation from a person, not a company. 

And we meet recipients where they are, whether in the office or their home office.

Personalized gift invitation animation
Personal message animation

Create messages for a person, not a persona.

Personal is always better. Make the gift experience that much more impactful with a personal note or video, alongside a specially chosen gift.

Give your gift recipient the power to choose

With the option to redeem their gift, exchange it for one of the many curated gifts in the marketplace, or donate the value to a charitable cause, your recipients have the Power of Choice. 

The power to choose means your recipient gets something they actually want and it means no wasted spend for you. Plus what they accept is the perfect conversation starter the next time you connect.

Alyce marketplace animation
Meeting scheduling animation

Book more meetings on their schedule

Instead of the back and forth to align schedules, use Alyce’s meeting booker to schedule a meeting directly in the gifting process, giving your recipient the flexibility to book a time with you that fits their busy schedule.

Deliver a gift experience so good, they’ll thank you

The reimagined gift experience, leaves folks so impressed they will actually want to thank you for it. To make sure you get credit where credit is due, we’ve included a step for your recipient to send you a note of appreciation.

Positive customer reviews animation

Stop sending and start bonding today

Alyce’s recipient-first approach is the best way to build rapport, earn trust, and drive loyalty with your prospects and customers.

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Alyce Launches the First Customer-Centric Swag Platform to Make B2B Swag Personal, Easier to Manage, and Measurable

Alyce Swag Select™ Eliminates Waste, Alleviates Costly Logistics Burden, and Delivers More Compelling Personal Swag Experiences to Prospects and Customers

Drowning under your swag inventory? There’s a better way.

No one ever wants to venture into the swag closet. Sometimes it can feel more like an Indiana Jones Adventure than an errand you need to run for a prospect or customer. With Swag Select from Alyce, we take the headache away from managing your swag inventory!

Alyce Leads the G2 Spring 2022 Account-Based Direct Mail Software Grid Report

G2 has recognized Alyce in its Spring 2022 Grid and Index Reports for the 10th quarter in a row.