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Instant Gift Invites

Instant gratification can be oh-so gratifying. With Alyce Instant Gift Invites, now marketers can open doors for new and (re)newed connections and see results ... instantly.

Use Instant Gift Invites to launch campaigns for undetermined audiences. Designed intentionally to flex with your broad awareness, social, and company milestone campaigns—and to create urgency while keeping you within budget.


Spark more conversations with Instant Gift Invites

Ignite prospect and customer engagement—in one fell swoop

Looking to build new relationships or show some love to known connections? Use the power of gifting to instantly surprise your recipients' 9to5 while enhancing their #5to9™.


Move at the Pace You Need

Remove typical marketing campaign limitations that require a predetermined list. Use built-in recipient caps, rather, to reach broad audiences without overspending.


Extend Your Brand Reach

What better way to engage new followers, prospects, or partners, and nurture existing customer relationships, than with a gift that shows you've personally invested in their experience.


Hit Your Intended Campaign Goals

Connect with your recipients, wherever they hang out – at events, on social sites, in communities and groups, and more – by removing any bottlenecks for maximum impact.

All the benefits of 1:many campaigns, with added flexibility

Attract new business with campaigns intentionally designed when recipients may not be known at the time of launch, common with:

  • Trade shows and on-site conferences
  • Webinars, podcasts, and virtual meetings
  • Social promotions and contests
  • Community membership and advocacy programs
  • Company celebrations and product launches
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Alyce Instant Gift Invites

Create buzz, right when you need it

Promote special events by creating 'first-group-to-redeem-this-gift' urgency and excitement using a themed gifting experience for a wide audience.

Drive general brand awareness

Engage known and unknown contacts at once, through broad, experiential gifting campaigns.

Convert More Qualified Leads with Alyce Activate
Alyce Instant Gift Invites

Experiment to see what resonates—within budget

Use Instant Gift Invites as a simple and controlled way to A/B test different gift options to see which performs better. Choose from physical items, gift cards, and charitable donations, and apply results to your other 1:many and 1:1 campaigns.

Drive results, not activity

Create urgency for recipients to quickly raise their hand by launching campaigns they actually want to engage with.

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