If You Build It, Will They Come?

Kevin Lau, the Global Head of Customer Advocacy at Adobe has always been passionate about the role of community in marketing. In a BONUS episode of Season 2 of Office Hours, Kevin shares with his expertise in bringing folks together…

Super Friends

Justin has lots of superpowers. Yes, he started a privacy focused tech company and is helping it grow rapidly. And yes, he was a litigator and corporate lawyer at a large DC firm. But, the most critical of his super…

Video Killed the Radio Star

Gary Kibel is AdTech old school. He’s been in the privacy game for decades and has constantly stayed on top of changing tech, challenging regulation and new laws. He does it all with a sense of humor, kindness and warmth…

The Thin Line Between Authentic and Performative Marketing

“Marketing today is not about products or widgets, it’s about a movement.” Dr. Nika White of Nika White Consulting is a leading expert in the practices of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. With so many ways for brands to show up…

How to Combine Authenticity with Marketing Automation

“It’s not just about a persona, it’s about understanding and having empathy for a person.” With as little time as we have and as many contacts we have to engage with, automation has scaled many of our processes. But, using…

Alyce Product Spotlight: Marketing Gifting Campaigns

An in-depth overview of how to leverage gifting throughout all different stages of the marketing funnel to drive engagement and action in your campaigns.

Personal Experience through the MarTech Ecosystem

For decades, Scott Brinker has helped marketers and sellers understand that it’s not about how much you have in terms of technology but it’s how you use that technology that makes any one company that much more effective at reaching…

Every Breath You Take

Judy Estes has held a variety of roles in the legal leadership at Mastercard. She is a leader of teams with a practical business-minded approach. But, what really sets her apart is the ability to instantly see the bigger picture…

Thinking About Content with Context

On Jared's path to being a professional creative, it's always been about developing two way flow experiences. Two way flow is something that marketers don't always think about these days as automation and scale have optimized for one way flow…

Forever Young

“Forever Young” has become an American anthem emblematic of the youthful vigorous spirit of the country. There is no more vigorous spirit in the privacy world than Heather Federman. She is a force of nature and is working on some…

Creating Memorable Moments Through Content

We live in a time where digital attention is sparse, and consumer expectations for relevant and relatable content is going up. Who better to speak on where content fits when creating one to one experiences for your audience than Jessica…

Space Oddity

When you ask Shane Jacobs what his career goals are, he doesn’t say the normal things we hear so often. Data has played an increasingly important role in space suit development. Space Oddity is from 1969, but its such a…