Alyce Activate™

Take your marketing campaigns from average to savage with a scalable solution for Demand Gen and Field Marketers. Designed specifically to increase engagement and drive more action with the accounts you want to see closed.


Supercharge your marketing campaigns with Activate™

Alyce Activate™

Maximize prospect and customer engagement

Use gifts to drive deeper engagement in as many campaigns as you want, with as many prospects as you want, through any system you want with Activate™.


Increase Engagement Rates

Use gifting as a catalyst for action in your field marketing and demand gen initiatives.


Drive Better Conversions

Progress key contacts within best-fit accounts more quickly through the sales process. 


Solve for Scale

Deliver a one-to-one experience to a larger audience using the tools and systems you already use.

More than just a door opener

We get it. Prospects are tough to engage.

It's difficult to make someone want to read your ebook, attend your webinar, or take your survey when the competition is doing the same thing.

Alyce Activate™ offers everything you need to boost your campaigns and programs out pace the competition and exceed your marketing goals.  Increase engagement rates by offering a gift to incentivize your prospects to take action. Give your sales team a conversation starter by knowing exactly what gift they accepted.


Where scale and efficiency meets gifting

You're busy. Crazy busy.

You don't have time to research and send individual gifts to each and every lead in your database. This is why we designed a scalable solution that optimizes the performance across all of your marketing efforts - and saves you time.

With the ability to quickly generate a universal gift link and the flexibility to add it anywhere, Alyce Activate™ adds the incentivization your prospects need to take action and progress through the sales cycle.

Convert more qualified leads

If you're going to all that trouble to engage with your prospects, why not convert more qualified traffic?

Use Alyce Activate™ to boost the performance of your current marketing programs. With a completely digital experience and branded landing pages, you'll be able to go that extra mile with minimal effort.


Monitor your impact on pipeline

Traditional Direct Mail is a black hole.

Once a piece of mail is sent, it's hard to truly measure if and how it made an impact.

With Activate, you can track the effectiveness of your gifts across all of your marketing programs. Report on key metrics such as gift landing page views, acceptance rates, and pipeline influenced. That clarity means not a single dollar in your marketing budget goes unaccounted for.

Leave a lasting impression

Configure each Activate™ campaign with a hand-selected gift and add a personal touch with a note to commemorate the moment.

And, there's no such thing as "one-size-fits-all" at Alyce. With the ability to exchange or donate their gift, your recipients will end up with exactly what they want.


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