Alyce Earns High Marks in Account-Based Software Comparison: G2

G2 has recognized Alyce as a Leader in its Summer 2022 Grid Reports for the 11th consecutive quarter.
Alyce Earns High Marks in Account-Based Software Comparison

B2B buyers continue to evaluate and deploy experience-driven approaches to engage with key prospects and customers. This trend is found in the competitive Account-Based Direct Mail software category.

Modern account-based direct mail tools such as Alyce help sales and marketing leaders stand out in crowded inboxes. We do it with gift experiences that are personal, relevant, and thoughtful.

We’re delighted to announce Alyce’s Leadership in G2’s Summer 2022 Grid Report for Account-Based Direct Mail Software and Direct Mail Automation Software, as well as six other areas of recognition in their Index Reports, including:

Alyce is #1 in Results for:

  • Account-Based Direct Mail (Mid-Market)
  • Promotional Product Management

Alyce is #1 in Relationship for:

  • Account-Based Direct Mail
  • Account-Based Direct Mail (Mid-Market)

Alyce is #1 in Usability for:

  • Account-Based Direct Mail
  • Account-Based Direct Mail (Mid Market)

What does it mean to lead these categories? Let’s take a closer look.

What Makes a G2 Leader?

G2 Leaders are determined based on high customer satisfaction and dominating market presence. Alyce continues to receive outstanding G2 reviews, highlighting real customer stories and the improvements Alyce makes in their outbound strategies.

“Our continued recognition by G2 as a preeminent market leader is truly a humbling honor and reflection of the trust and outstanding partnerships we have with our customer base,” said Greg Segall, founder and CEO of Alyce. “As we help our customers grow and see Alyce become a greater cornerstone to their ABM strategy, it’s truly exciting to see them incorporate and recognize the value our gifting platform delivers in creating memorable outbound sales and marketing experiences. We’re transforming their entire marketing and sales approach by putting the recipient first in their experience, and delivering moments that are personal, relevant, and thoughtful.”

In a world where unknown phone calls are automatically blocked and unsubscribing from email is effortless, recipients hold all the cards. That makes Alyce a top-rated gifting platform — a recipient-first approach that lets people choose what matters to them outside their LinkedIn profile.

Recent Alyce Customer Reviews

Here are a few distinguished Alyce reviews published on G2 this past quarter.

“Direct mail is [as] ineffective as generalized email blasts. Alyce lets me stand out in a sea of giftcards and lets me build these kind of 1-to-1 relationships, at scale.”

— Mikaela, Account Executive at Goldcast

“I love how scalable Alyce is for our Adobe BDRs. We book so many meetings leveraging Alyce and truly don’t think we would have the same success without it.”

— Kelsey, ABM Specialist at Adobe

“When I was BDR I used Alyce for over 60% of all meetings booked. I heard it is a lot more flexible than Postal, and provides a lot of better options. The gift selection is amazing and the whole process is smooth.”

— Erica, Commercial BDR at Adobe

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Alyce Solves Expanding Gifting Market Needs

Analysts at Coresight Research estimate that corporate gifting will surpass $242 billion in 2022 and expect it to rise to $306 billion by 2024.

While there’s a swell of interest in the gifting, you should be intentional with how a corporate gifting platform makes recipients feel and the impact on the environment. Otherwise, you could run the risk of spamming them.

See how Alyce’s user satisfaction compares to gifting alternatives below.

Competitive Comparsion
Ease of Use92%89%89%90%
Warehouse & Fulfillment87%85%83%82%
Quality of Support94%90%91%94%
Product Direction96%90%86%90%
Likelihood to Recommend93%91%89%92%
CRM & Marketing Automation Integration90%87%86%90%
Dashboards & Reporting88%80%83%84%
Account-Based Software Vendor Comparison (G2 Summer 2022 Report)

Alyce maintains its leadership position in the account-based software market because we know how to leverage gifting to drive more marketing campaign engagement, sales pipeline, and customer renewals. G2’s Summer 2022 rankings underpin Alyce’s footing in the gifting space as an easy-to-use, highly effective solution for sales and marketing teams, with unmatched customer support and success.

Account Based Software Vendor Comparison - G2 Summer 2022

Want a fresh approach to B2B gifting? We feel you. Get inspired by these free gifting ideas, or hop on a product demo to see how we can freshen up your GTM and outbound marketing strategies. Your recipients will thank you for it!

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June 27, 2022
Mary Matton
Mary Matton

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