Introducing The Post Gift CTA

The easiest way to tee your prospects up for the next step in your relationship after they accept their gift.
The Post Gift CTA

Think about how much time you spend on the internet. We don’t need Apple reminding us every week about our phone use limits, we KNOW we spend a lot of time on our phones, computers, and tablets. 

With all the time spent on the internet, we’re exposed to around 5,000 ads per day. Yet, it doesn’t feel like it, since very few ads really stand out. 

So when you think about engaging with your customers and prospects, there are 4,999 other pieces of content that are fighting for their attention. 

There is so much digital and physical noise out there, that capturing their attention and holding that attention is a coveted time for a marketer to break through the noise. 

That’s why we’re releasing the Post Gift CTA

When you’ve broken through the barriers between you and your audience using Alyce, the Post Gift CTA allows you to serve up curated content at the right moments to continue engagement and advance the relationship. 

What is the Post Gift CTA?

The Post Gift CTA is all about blending your recipient’s 5pm to 9pm (their personal interests) with their 9am to 5pm (their day job). Earn goodwill by acknowledging their #5to9™ and then bring them into your world by showing them you can solve problems in their 9 to 5.

The Post Gift CTA pops up at the end of a gifting flow once a recipient has accepted a gift. This leaves you with the ability to serve up curated content priming your recipient for the next step in your relationship. The Post Gift CTA is customizable and will direct your recipients to any link you want.

Here Are Some Ways You Can Use The Post Gift CTA

  1. The Pre-Meeting Warmup
    Is your prospect as familiar with your solution as you want them to be? Once you’ve captured the attention of your prospect with a personally selected gift, get them excited about your meeting with custom content that speaks directly to their needs. Your solution solves different pain points for different users – prove to your recipient how you can solve theirs. Custom product landing pages, case studies of similar customers, or industry-specific guides could all be helpful depending on the prospect. 
  2. The Demand Gen Nurture
    Getting the attention of your prospects before they book a meeting with your team is pivotal to creating and fostering relationships that lead to future customers. Capture the attention of high-quality mid-funnel prospects and lead them further down the funnel by delivering more value. Say thank you to webinar attendees or free trial subscribers with a gift and then direct them to e-books, guides, or event sign-up pages to keep them engaged.
  3. The Onboarding Handoff
    Once a customer has said “yes” to your solution, sending them a welcome gift can leave them delighted. New customers are most excited about getting up to speed. Once they’ve claimed their gift, redirect them to your onboarding portal or welcome packet so that they can get started using your product and seeing success faster. 
  4. The Strategic Account Play
    For larger strategic accounts you’re building campaigns around, follow up your gift with an account-based landing page showing them you did your research. This is a great way to capture and keep the attention of the future customers you’re focusing so much of your efforts on. 
  5. The Non-Required Meeting
    Reaching out to a prospect who has gone cold? Send them a gift and then ask them to set time on your calendar without requiring it to claim their gift. Earn goodwill and show them you’re here for them by redirecting your prospect to your custom calendar link after they’ve chosen their gift. 
  6. Anything you can dream of!
    Bring your gift recipient into your world and relate to them on a personal level. You can use this CTA to direct to videos, blog posts, news content, or social media posts. Be creative and create those personal relationships with your customers.


Want to set up your Post-Gift CTA? Here are the exact instructions for you! Want to learn more about using Alyce? We’d love to chat with you!

December 15, 2023
Tara Benyousky
Tara Benyousky

When I'm not talking about all the ways tech can improve our everyday professional and personal lives, in my 5-to-9, I'm thinking about my next travel destination, wrangling a salty dachshund or cooking up something in the kitchen.