8 Post Gift CTAs to Nurture Prospect and Client Relationships

It’s hard to capture your target market’s attention, so when you do it’s important to make the most of their attention. Using the Post-Gift CTA with Alyce, you can direct your prospects to the next stage in their buyers journey after they accept a gift.
Corporate Gifting follow up has never been easier with the Post Gift CTA

You’ve been using gifting to gain the attention of your prospects. So, how do you follow up once they’ve claimed their gift? With the Post Gift CTA, you can have your corporate gifting follow up directly in the gifting process. 

My attention span is razor-thin. At any given time, I have a lot on my plate. So, unless you capture my interest you’ll lose my attention quickly.

And I’m not alone. The global attention span has decreased by 32% from 2013 to 2016 and just continues to decrease with the amount of content being consumed every day.

Consequently, marketers, sellers, and customer success managers have to be super-mindful with the outreach we’re doing so that we can capture our prospects’ attention and move relationships forward.

That’s why the Post Gift CTA helps you retain the attention of the people you care about the most. When you use the Post Gift CTA, you’re able to enact action in your corporate gifting follow up actions.

Follow along as we break down our top tips to retain and nurture prospect and client relationships.

Here’s how you can use the Post Gift CTA:

For Sales

1. The Pre-Meeting Warmup
Is your prospect as familiar with your solution as you want them to be? Once you’ve captured the attention of your prospect with a personally selected gift, get them excited about your meeting with custom content that speaks directly to their needs. Your solution solves different pain points for different users – prove to your recipient that you can solve theirs. Custom product landing pages, case studies of similar customers, or industry-specific guides could all be helpful.

2. The Cold Prospect Nudge
Reaching out to a prospect who has gone cold? Delight your recipient with a gift and then extend a meeting through your scheduling software without requiring it. This will show them you’re here for them. Furthermore, with enough goodwill, they’ll schedule a time to meet with you.

Pro tip: Alyce allows you to set up required actions before someone accepts your gift. When you add your calendar as the CTA at the end of a flow instead, you can provide a more buyer-centric experience with the scheduling software of your choice!

3. The Economic Buyer Play
Speed your sales process along by engaging with the decision-maker in your target account. Send them a gift, and then direct them to your legal documentation to make sure they have everything they need to get approval for your product or service from procurement!

4. The Strategic Account Play
For larger strategic accounts you’re going deep on, follow up your gift with a super custom account-based landing page showing them you did your research. This is a great way to capture and keep the attention of the future customers you’re focusing so much of your efforts on.

Pro tip: Call out the company name or relevant details to show the CTA is just for them. As a result, they’re more likely to engage with a personal message.

For Marketing

1.The Mid-Funnel Nurture
Capture the attention of high-quality mid-funnel prospects with a gift and lead them further down the funnel by delivering more value. Send a gift to thank any high-quality prospects in the funnel for their engagement. Engagement can be downloading a guide, attending a webinar or event, or any other marketing initiatives. After accepting their gift, direct them to other relevant content. You can even direct them to your demo request page to boost engagement on marketing efforts, and engage the prospect further.

Pro Tip: Webinars are getting more popular. What better way to keep your webinar attendees engaged, moving forward in their affinity for your brand, and aware of your product offering then by gifting them after your webinar and redirecting them to follow up content that was created in conjunction with the webinar. Furthermore, it’s a great way to make sure your marketing team is getting visibility into their hard work!

2. The Freemium/Free Trial Customer Welcome
Thank a freemium customer or a new free trial sign up for their loyalty by sending them a gift. Follow up at the end of the gifting flow with a landing page that shows them the value of the paid product. Similarly, you can also ask them to get on a call with an account manager on how to get the most out of the platform.

3. The Intimate Pre-Opportunity Gathering
Inviting your high-value prospects to an intimate gathering with customers to nudge them towards an opportunity? Send prospects a thank you for attending with a gift. Then direct them towards booking the next meeting, or a piece of content that may sway them further. Set up a second campaign for customers and ask them to post a review on G2.

For Customer Success

1.The Onboarding Handoff
Once a customer has said “yes” to your solution, sending them a welcome gift can leave them delighted. New customers are most excited about getting up to speed. Once they’ve claimed their gift, redirect them to your onboarding portal, welcome packet, or CSM calendar so that they can get started using your product and seeing success faster.

2. The Strategic Upsell
As your customers start to show more success using your product, they may get more value from your product with a higher tiered plan. Send your customer a gift, maybe some branded swag, congratulate them on their successes, and show them more about your more robust offering by directing them to schedule a non-required meeting to get more out of the platform, or tiering information that can help them make their decision!

3. New Product Launch
Launching a new product? Send a customer a gift to say thank you for their loyalty and let them know about the exciting news you have. Direct them to the new product page after their gifting flow so they can learn more about the product and how it helps with their pain points. Alternatively, you can offer them a non-required meeting through your scheduling software to discuss how the product solves their pain points.


In conclusion, no matter how you’re looking to implement corporate gifting follow-up, the Post Gift CTA is sure to help your prospects and customers alike take the next step in their buyer’s journey with your company. Find out how Alyce can help you better nurture your prospect and client relationships.

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April 16, 2020
Team Alyce
Team Alyce