3 Ways Alyce for Chrome Helps Sales Reps Book More Meetings

Take a truly personal selling approach to connect with all your hard to reach prospects.
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Everyone has been on the receiving end of an impersonal and generic sales email. The email you get and wonder, “Does this person even know a single thing about me?” 

Have you ever responded to one of those emails? Didn’t think so.  

For years there’s been a disconnect between the way sellers sell and the way buyers want to be sold to: sellers tend to treat their prospects like any other name in their CRM and push out the same generic message (more often than not, automated), while buyers just want to just be treated, quite simply, like a real human person.  

Not so much to ask, right? It’s not a shock that sales reps who take a more personal approach to selling generate 45% more pipeline than those who don’t. (Linkedin

The issue is, that it takes a lot of time and effort for reps to take a personal approach with every single one of their prospects — it takes a ton of time to do the research necessary to get to know your prospects and even more time to tailor your outreach to match their #5to9 interests.

That’s why we built Alyce for Chrome:

  • So you can put personal interest data at your reps’ fingertips so they can take a more relatable selling approach, all the time
  • So reps can send perfectly-matched gifts that break through the noise, without leaving the page they’re on

By uncovering research on prospects’ #5to9 interests and allowing reps to send corporate gifts that match those interests, reps can quickly and easily connect in the most relatable way possible, every time.

Here are three ways Alyce for Chrome helps your reps take a more relevant, relatable, and respectful selling approach, and get more responses: 

1. Hyper-Personalize your Prospecting Emails with Personal Interest Data

At Alyce we have an expression; Always Be Personal. In Gmail (and soon, Outlook 365), Alyce enables reps to be more personal without leaving the page they’re on by automatically recognizing your prospect’s email based on the page you’re on, and uncovering their #5to9 interests based on Alyce’s AI-powered research. 

Send Business Gifts from Google Chrome
Send Business Gifts from Google Chrome

Reps can access that information directly within their email as they reply to prospects so they can speak to the person behind the persona, every time.  

2. Send Perfectly-Matched Gifts from LinkedIn, Salesforce, Email, and more

After Alyce uncovers research on your prospect, Alyce for Chrome makes it as easy as possible to send them the perfect gift without leaving the page you’re on. For example, if you’re in LinkedIn doing cold prospecting and are on one of your key prospects’ profiles, Alyce will again recognize that person, show you their personal interests, and allow you to easily send them a gift based on Alyce’s gift recommendations, all without leaving the page.  


Once a prospect has been researched, here’s how you can easily send a gift: 

  • Open a prospect’s LinkedIn profile, select “Send a Gift” 
  • Choose a gift option based on Alyce’s gift recommendations, or choose your own based on Alyce’s research surfaced
  • Choose the method you want to send your gift invitation
  • Write your personalized message to your prospect using campaign-specific templates and the personal interest information uncovered by Alyce
  • Choose if you want to require an action from your recipient upon receiving your gift
  • Review, confirm, and send!



3. Follow-up in the Right Way, at the Right Time, Every Time

Direct mail for prospecting often falls flat because sales reps don’t know how or when to follow up on the gifts they’ve sent. Alyce for Chrome makes sure your reps close the loop on their gifting efforts and increase response rates by giving them the ability to know exactly when their gift invitations hit their prospect’s desk, when the prospect interacts with their gift invitation, and when they accept their gift.  

Send Business Gifts to LinkedIn Contacts
Send Business Gifts to LinkedIn Contacts

These real-time status updates within Alyce for Chrome (and sent to you via email) enable reps to follow up at the right time, with the right context and book more meetings.


At the end of the day, Alyce for Chrome makes all of your reps more effective sellers by giving them the ability to take a more engaging approach by sending gifts to prospects

August 21, 2019
Mary Matton
Mary Matton

Mary Matton is the Growth Marketing Manager for Alyce, and is obsessed with all things inbound and demand gen. Outside of work, her #5to9 interests include perfecting her mobile photography, the quest for the perfect iced coffee, and spending time with the people most important to her.