Integration Resources

6½ Habits of Highly Effective Gifters

A Study of B2B Gifting Practices in Revenue & Growth Marketing Download the report Introduction The Marketer's Role in 2023 Marketing Tactics

4 Essential Gifting Campaigns To Use With 6sense

Got 6sense and Alyce? Follow this guide to put all that marketing horsepower to work with these shockingly effective gifting campaigns.

Why Integrated Gifting Is Key to B2B Growth (+ Top Examples)

Scrambling after events to get your B2B leads over to sales? There's a better way. With integrated gifting from Alyce, book more meetings faster.

How To Leverage B2B Intent Data For Outbound Marketing

You’ve probably heard about buyer intent, but how can you use intent data to bring target accounts to the table? This guide breaks it all down for you.

The Outbound Love Playbook

Pick up real-world examples and proven best practices to apply Outbound Love to your campaigns to build pipeline, enhance events, close deals faster, and deepen customer relationships.

Q3 2022 Alyce Unwrapped

We're proud to unveil our newest integrations with leading B2B marketing and sales platforms. This session features new ways to get in front of the right audience with outbound marketing.

HubSpot + Alyce Integration

Send gifts from HubSpot automatically within automated workflows or on-demand with Alyce. This integration lets salespeople and marketers send a personal gift to prospects and customers in a relevant way.

The 3 Essential Reports to Set Up in Salesforce for Alyce

The goal if building reports in Salesforce for Alyce is to add visibility to your Alyce gifting strategy.

5 Ways to Use Vidyard and Alyce to Build More Pipeline

Use these five tips to combine the power of Vidyard with the power of Alyce’s to build more pipeline.

Introducing the Vidyard for Alyce Integration

What happens when you combine the power of personal gifting with the power of personal video? An experience so personal - your prospects will actually thank you.

Use Automation for Good: 5 Ways Alyce for Marketo Makes You a More Personal Marketer

Today we launch Alyce for Marketo, a best-in-class Marketo integration that gives all the marketers that live in Marketo all day, the tools they need to deliver more personal and engaging experiences through all of their program automation and measure the impact like never before possible.