6½ Habits of Highly Effective Gifters

A Study of B2B Gifting Practices in Revenue & Growth Marketing Download the report Introduction The Marketer's Role in 2023 Marketing Tactics

The Outbound Love Playbook

Pick up real-world examples and proven best practices to apply Outbound Love to your campaigns to build pipeline, enhance events, close deals faster, and deepen customer relationships.

The Ultimate Guide to Gifting Globally

Learn the ins and outs of international gifting so you can deliver the perfect message to your audience every time.

14 Marketing-Led Gifting Ideas

Upgrade your marketing campaigns with these gifting ideas and examples.

International Gifting Ebook

Existing on the internet may make companies known around the world, not just in their home country. But that doesn’t make you an international business yet. Once you start putting a concerted effort into selling internationally, it’s exciting. Your business…

Alyce Themed Gift Marketplaces

To jumpstart your marketing ideas, we’ve created this eBook to help enhance your next campaign or event using themed Alyce gift marketplaces featuring the Power of Choice.

The State of Gifting Report 2020

State of Gifting Report 2020 What we learned from analyzing gifts that were sent in Q1-Q3 of 20220. What's Inside: Introduction Driving Action, Not Just Attention The Power of Choice Follow Up Matters Charitable Gifting Trends Waste Not, Want Not

Ultimate Guide to Driving Conversions with your Gifting

Ultimate Guide to Driving Conversions with your Gifting Start more conversations & book more meetings. What's Inside: Prioritizing The Right Contacts Selecting the Perfect Gift Writing an Effective Gift Invitation Subject Line The 3-Step Formula to Writing the Perfect Gift…

The Art of the Gift Follow-Up

Get the full ebook here! The Art of theGift Follow-Up A Guide to Booking More Meetings What's Inside: Introduction Why Following Up with your Prospect Matters Putting the Prospect at the Center of your Follow Up The ABPs of Follow-Up…

Ultimate Guide to Personal Gifting at Digital Events

  Ultimate Guide to Personal Gifting at Digital Events We’ll break down the top ten ways to create memorable, one-to-one experiences for your digital event attendees and establish personal bonds with them through personal gifting. What's Inside: Reimagine Social Experiences…

Personal Experience Moments Playbook

  PX Moments Playbook A step-by-step guide on when and how to use Alyce’s Personal Experience (PX) Platform to create personal bonds with buyers that drive acquisition, retention and expansion. What’s Included The nine plays in this playbook are focused…