Use Automation for Good: 5 Ways Alyce for Marketo Makes You a More Personal Marketer

Today we launch Alyce for Marketo, a best-in-class Marketo integration that gives all the marketers that live in Marketo all day, the tools they need to deliver more personal and engaging experiences through all of their program automation and measure the impact like never before possible. 
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One of the first things I was told when I started working in marketing was that I NEEDED to become an expert in marketing automation to be successful in marketing. This was six or so years ago, I was an intern focusing on demand gen and marketing ops, so that's what I did- I learned as much as I could about Marketo, HubSpot, and Eloqua to get a leg up in the marketing automation world.

And it was super valuable, don't get me wrong. Being knowledgeable in those systems probably won me a job or two.

But the fact of the matter is, the hype of the "automation era," where marketing automation knowledge was considered a differentiated skill, is pretty much over. It's table stakes for companies to use marketing automation and have someone with those skill sets.

Nine out of ten marketers use marketing automation software on a regular basis today. (Ledgeview Partners)

Using marketing automation alone isn't a differentiator anymore, but how you leverage it to deliver better, more personal experiences to your prospects and customers IS a differentiator.

This is why we're extremely excited to launch Alyce for Marketo - a best-in-class gifting integration that gives the demand gen managers, the marketing ops managers, the campaign managers, and all the marketers that live in Marketo all day, the tools they need to deliver more personal and engaging experiences through all of their campaigns and program automation and measure the impact like never before possible. With Alyce for Marketo, all Alyce contacts, Alyce gift statuses, and gift-related data are now available in Marketo, giving you the ability to:

  1. Eliminate the hassle and ambiguity of measuring the impact of direct mail and gifting
  2. Supercharge your campaigns by providing more personal and relevant buyer experiences
  3. Give your team full visibility into all Alyce engagements

Here are 5 ways leveraging Alyce for Marketo can bring your marketing programs to the next level:

1. Make Measuring & Reporting on Gifting Easier Than Ever

I've run direct mail campaigns in the past, and I can tell you first hand that reporting on the success and impact of those campaigns can be extremely difficult, especially when the data lives outside the systems you use for the rest of your campaign reporting. All you want to do is be able to quickly and easily tell your boss and other stakeholders how your gifting program is performing. With Alyce for Marketo, your life just got a lot easier.

Alyce Gift Statuses sync directly to your Marketo automation workflows, so you can organize programs with relevant program statuses:

Marketing Automation Workflow

And by doing so, you can create super simple Program Performance Reports that detail the impact of your Alyce campaigns, right within the same reporting structure you use for everything else in Marketo.

2. Turn Your Alyce Engagements into Interesting Moments

In the same way that you want to give your team visibility into important moments of engagement on your website or in your other digital campaigns, you want to make sure your reps have full transparency into all gifting engagements as well.

With Alyce gift statuses available as activities in Marketo, you can use that data to create Interesting Moments in Marketo Sales Insights. The same way that you'd create an Interesting Moment when someone visits your pricing page, or watches a demo video, show your reps exactly when their prospect views or accepts their gift.

3. Kickoff Personal & Relevant Multi-Threaded Campaigns

I think we can all agree that some degree of campaign automation is necessary today.

But I think we can also agree that automation has gone a little too far. Again, any marketer worth their salt knows how to create a complex nurture program with a bunch of emails that get into someone's inbox every couple of days.

But to create campaigns and programs that are truly effective, you need to be able to use automation to create personal and relevant engagements for prospects. Enter, Alyce. With Alyce data in Marketo, you can use Alyce activities in Smart Campaigns to launch hyper-relevant nurture streams. For example, use an Alyce activity trigger when someone views an Alyce Gift...

To kick off an Engagement Program with a mini-nurture stream that's relevant to that specific campaign.

In that same campaign, you can also remove them from any other nurture streams or programs they might be in, to make sure they're only getting the most personal and relevant information at any given time, and they aren't being bombarded with impersonal out-of-context emails.

4. Create Internal Alerts for Your Reps When Alyce Engagements Happen

Imagine this- your prospect receives an Alyce gift, and the second they enter the digital code and view the gift landing page, your rep gets an alert letting them know their prospect is engaging right now.

They call that prospect right as they're still on the landing page or browsing the Alyce marketplace, and they're able to have a personal conversation with them- not just the generic scripted cold call talk, but talking about the gift they're selecting, what they're interested in, and building the rapport that earns them the trust to move on to next steps.

The most critical step of this? Your rep needs to know what to make that call. Use Alyce gift activity data in Marketo to trigger that internal alert, so your rep can hop on the phone ASAP.

Marketing Automation Workflow for Alerts

Note: Alyce natively sends reps notifications when these engagements happen already, but if you want to control the cadence and content of these emails a bit more, this is a great way to do that.

5. Coordinate Reminder Emails to Prospects to Engage with Their Gift

Sometimes when prospects receive Alyce gifts, they don't accept them right away. But just because they don't accept immediately, doesn't mean they won't ever. Your prospects are super busy, and sometimes they need a little reminder to go back and accept the gift you sent them.

The logic is the same as the above steps: use Alyce activities to trigger emails to prospects reminding them to accept their gift.

Even better? Leverage Alyce gift data in Marketo to make the reminders more personal. For example:

Reach out to learn more about how you can automate gifting with Marketo!

February 25, 2020
Nina Butler
Nina Butler

A born-again Bostonian and Martha’s Vineyard native (yes, people do actually live there year-round), I attribute my passion for making personal connections in my personal and professional life to my neighborly Island roots. I joined Team Alyce in January 2019 to be a part of a bigger story and have a little fun while doing it :) . While not riding the startup roller coaster, I love spending time traveling with my unbearably cute niece and nephew, attending New England sports championship parades and taking in the sun and sea at my favorite local beaches.