Why Integrated Gifting Is Key to B2B Growth (+ Top Examples)

Scrambling after events to get your B2B leads over to sales? There's a better way. With integrated gifting from Alyce, book more meetings faster.
Gifting Integrations Are Vital to B2B Growth

So, you just wrapped up your presentation or exhibit at your industry’s annual trade show. You’re now exhausted from the six-hour plane ride and have a ton of work emails that await you.

Then your marketing director or sales manager asks for the leads from the event. Panic begins when you realize you don’t remember where you put all the business cards. Oh yeah, you tossed them in your suitcase, which you still haven’t unpacked yet.

Meanwhile, your competition has already sent scheduling requests and begun following up with their leads. They even included a Starbucks gift card, too, making your outreach feel just a little less spontaneous.

This situation is a common pain point every B2B marketer eventually faces.

Gifting software is vital for any sales or marketing team, but finding one that fits well with your tech stack is not always easy. And more often than not, it’s up to YOU to make up for any shortcomings.

But here at Alyce, we understand what it’s like to be in your shoes because we’ve been there ourselves. That’s why we’ve created an enterprise-grade gifting platform that integrates easily with your technology. With our integration partnerships, you can send the ideal post-event gift before you even check out your hotel room!

Your sales team can thank prospects for coming by the booth and schedule a personal, meaningful follow-up conversation long before the competition. A quick turnaround time is crucial in sales — particularly with B2B decision-makers — and Alyce can help give you the edge over other companies vying for attention.

Gifting Integrations for B2B Companies

Here are some ways that our gifting solution helps save time for busy B2B marketers while also helping them grow their sales pipeline:

Integration TypeScreenshot

CRM Sync

For your team to be on the same page, they need to look at the same data. Gifting is no different — you need to sync your gifting activities with prospect and customer data automatically, so it's accurate and timely. Plus, it's not all on you to solve when managing events.

Examples: Salesforce and HubSpot
Integrated Gifting Inside of Salesforce CRM

Marketing Automation

Storing real-time customer data is nice, but triggering a gifting campaign is even better. For example, send a thank-you gift card following a demo or a swag box after an account renewal. This integration is how you can automate gifting without being impersonal.

Examples: Marketo, Eloqua, and HubSpot
HubSpot Gifting Integration - Gifting Marketing Automation

Intent Data

Similar to automating campaigns for people you know, you can also do it for accounts you might not know yet. With intent data platforms, you can see when a target account is showing signs they are ready for a conversation. Look to these gifting integrations to ramp up your outbound prospecting campaigns.

Examples: 6sense, Demandbase, and RollWorks
6sense Intent Data Audience Gifting Campaign

Sales Engagement

As much as you want to all work from the same CRM, the reality is that many BDRs and SDRs use sales engagement software for prospect outreach. So instead of hopping between tabs, send business gifts directly within these sales tools to save time without sacrificing personalization.

Examples: Salesloft, Outreach, and Vidyard
Salesloft Sales Engagement Gifting Integration

Business Communications

Admit it; your inbox is not at zero right now. It happens to the best of us. So when a prospect accepts your gift, that is the best time to follow up. Instead of having alerts stack up in the inbox, your team gets notified in their team communication tools so they can check in and be on top of their gift recipient's needs.

Examples: Slack and Microsoft Teams
Slack Team Communication Corporate Gifting Integration
Gifting Integrations Every B2B Company Needs

Integrated Gifting Improves Marketing & Sales Effectiveness

Finding the right gift and marketing it successfully is only half the battle. You also need to ensure your gifting platform is helping you close more sales. With our integrations with top sales and marketing platforms, you can stay ahead of the competition by automating tedious tasks and keeping things clean and organized.

The Alyce approach gives you the power to pick and choose which integrations you want. Setting them up is a breeze, and we allow you to create your custom gifting campaigns. Then just let it do its thing!

For more details about what’s new with our integrations — plus helpful advice for your outbound marketing strategies — watch Unwrapped, where Evan Chapman and Alyshah Walji from Alyce take you through what these can do.

October 12, 2022
Cristiana Montenegro Borge
Cristiana Montenegro Borge

Cristiana Montenegro is the Product Marketing Manager at Alyce. Her passions outside of her #5to9 include pilates, tennis, cooking, and being beachside. She’s accomplished a tech trifecta, being on sales, partnerships, and marketing teams. She currently resides in Managua, Nicaragua with her French Bulldog, Dexter, and her Pomeranian, Jagger.