How To Leverage Salesloft’s Modern Revenue Workspace To Power Your Alyce Gifting Sales Campaigns

We break down how to leverage Salesloft with Alyce to seamlessly integrate smart, personal gifting into your prospecting.
How To Leverage Salesloft's Modern Revenue Workspace To Power Your Alyce Gifting Sales Campaigns

The world of B2B buying and selling has changed. That’s not something new; it’s a reality marketers and sellers have been learning to adapt to for years. 

Selling has become harder as buyers expectations have increased. And with an increased reliance on digital channels, as stated by Gartner that by 2025, 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur in digital channels. The speed and complexity of digital sales is creating chaos.

That’s where Salesloft comes into the picture. Their Modern Revenue Workspace is one place sellers work to engage with buyers. With a prioritized action queue and guidance on where to most effectively take action, sellers have an easier time organizing and guiding their day to be the most productive and most impactful sellers they can be.  

So how can this focus and guidance help power marketing and sales activities to make sure you’re able to market and sell as efficiently as possible? We thought you’d never ask. 

We’ll break down how to leverage Salesloft’s Modern Revenue Workspace to help power marketing and sales activities throughout the buyer’s journey – and most importantly, how to leverage the Salesloft integration with Alyce to seamlessly integrate gifting into your prospecting. 

But before we dive into how to use these two superpowers together, let’s first give a short overview as to why both Alyce and Salesloft are impactful for your bottom line. 

How Can Alyce and Salesloft Help With Marketing And Sales Alignment?

How Can Alyce and Salesloft Help With Marketing And Sales Alignment?

When you invest in a platform like Salesloft, you’re helping with focus and prioritization.

Rather than having your sales team work through franken-stacks of technology that are disconnected from one another, Salesloft’s Modern Revenue Workspace – combined with the power of their integration partner ecosystem – means sales teams are freed up to do focus on what they do best – connecting, guiding, strategizing, and problem-solving with customers. 

When you take that focus and add in Alyce’s personal gifting capabilities, you’ll be able to ensure that your team is using the right technology for the right moments in the customer journey. By using all of your team’s favorite tools directly in Salesloft, gifting can happen without switching tabs, without needing to think about the next best step in the customer journey, and without needing to think about what to send to a prospect. 

So now that we’ve evaluated why using Salesloft and Alyce together can be impactful for your revenue teams, let’s dive into how to get the most out of each platform when they work together. 

Closing Pipeline With Salesloft And Alyce

Who Should You Send A Gift To 

When you think about the right person to send a gift to, you want to look at their account information. Is that company a good fit for your product or service? Has your contact shown any interest in interacting with your company from a sales perspective? 

The best way to think about your best-fit contacts for gifting is to leverage both firmographic data from the company and behavioral data from your contact.

​​selecting the right contacts to prospect

For more information on choosing the best fit contacts for your gifting campaigns, check out this resources that goes more in depth on how to create this matrix for you. 

For example, at Salesloft, enterprise marketing managers work closely with the business development team to choose warm leads from their top tier accounts and to identify the best contacts. 

How Many Contacts Should You Enroll In Your Gifting Cadence

Depending on what kind of gifting campaign you’re running, and where in the customer journey you’re adding gifting, the amount of contacts per account who will receive a gift will differ. 

Salesloft BDRs can have 2 to 10 contacts enrolled in a gifting cadence depending on what kind of campaign they are using at a certain point in time. 

For the Salesloft team, they like to use gifting throughout the entire sales cycle. 

For Door Opener campaigns to book the initial meetings, 2 or 3 contacts per account is standard. 

For post-meeting “thank you”s, Salesloft will send a gift to everyone who participated in the call. 

For that  WOW factor, they’ll gift the buying committee before the contract is sent over. 

Keep gifting a VIP experience for the VIPs in the buying experience. Make sure you’re choosing the contacts who will help move a deal forward and build affinity for your brand by creating wow moments and delightful experiences. 

What Should The Cadence Look Like In Salesloft?

Salesloft is the perfect solution for sellers who are tired of living in different tools and having to switch between them. So when it comes to gifting with Alyce and Salesloft, the experience is seamless. 

What Should my gift Cadence Look Like In Salesloft

Before Salesloft BDRs even send a gift, there’s a step zero –  a “holding tank” for contacts. Marketing will verify with each BDR that the contacts who will be enrolled in the Alyce Gift cadence are important to them  based on the criteria determined in the first step. 

This also gives Marketing more visibility into the contacts who are receiving a gift and a chance to remind BDRs of contacts who have recently engaged in marketing programs to include as well – no contacts are left behind in step zero. 

You can find the Alyce gifting flow within the “People Page” in Salesloft. 

From there, you can go through your usual gifting flow of selecting the gift campaign, choosing the gift you’d like to send, customizing your landing page copy, and then taking your created Alyce Gift Link and inserting it into your Salesloft cadence.  

Sending an alyce gift in salesloft

Don’t forget that the first email with your gift link is not the end of the gifting experience. 

When you’re gifting warm or cold prospects, following up will directly impact how successful your gifting campaigns are. 

Using Salesloft and Alyce’s best practices, to see the most success together, adding a cross-channel follow-up is your sellers super power andgives your team a competitive advantage. 

58% of sales reps give up after a single attempt to connect.

There’s even more data behind why follow-up matters. Typically it can take eight days for a prospect to claim their gift, even with the rise of digital gifting. 

Average Time It Takes To Claim A Gift - State of Gifting Report by Alyce

Using the Alyce gift link and the channels at your fingertips, you can create a follow-up cadence that captures attention and drives action so you can see the most out of your gifting campaigns. 

When you think about crafting your follow-up cadences, cross-channel communication is your superpower. 

We suggest using the Alyce Gift link in your messaging across email and LinkedIn, and reference your gift in any calls and voicemails you leave. Reiterating the value of the personal gift will lead to more people accepting your gift, booking a meeting, and creating more pipeline for your business. 

Not sure what to say when it comes to sending your prospect gift? Let’s do a quick run down of some gift invitation best practices to ensure that you’re successful.

What Should My Gift Message Say?

What Should My Gift Message Say?

With the rise of remote work, the gifting you’ll be doing through Salesloft and Alyce will be through digital channels. 

When you send the first Alyce gift invitation, your recipient will be taken to a gift landing page that should have a custom message from you. There, they will be presented with the gift you’d like to send them. 

Though the channels are digital, the sentiment behind the gift should be as personal as if you were handing over the gift to your recipient in person. 

To start, your subject line should be eye-catching and tease your gift. 

You’ll want to introduce the power of choice and then relate that information back to the company. Especially when you’re reaching out to warm prospects, reference the other gift marketing campaigns your lead has interacted with to contextualize your outreach. 

At the end, you’ll wrap up your ask with a CTA that drives conversions and sets the right expectations and books that meeting. 

Want some help crafting your gift invitation message? Check out our free gifting email templates here!

What Can I Do To Make A Sales Gift More Personal? 

For sellers, increasing engagement is the key to driving more pipeline. 

The higher your engagement, the better your conversions, the better your conversions, the more pipeline you build. 

It’s no big secret that video is one of the best tools of the trade when it comes to prospecting and driving engagement. We’ve found that including video on your gifting landing pages and messages can increase acceptance rates by almost 80% 

Want some tips on how to craft the perfect sales prospecting video for your gifting? Check this out.

What Can I Do To Make A Sales Gift More Personal

What Happens When The Gift Is Accepted

Congrats, your gift was accepted! You’ve done most of the hard part – creating a connection with a prospective guyer. 

If you used the Meeting required action, a gift acceptance means a meeting was booked and it’s time to make sure your prospect shows up to the meeting. 

Once your gift is accepted, continue your follow-up until the meeting occurs. 

You can use these pre-meeting email reminder templates to add post-gift acceptance cadences into Salesloft. It will help you maintain interest and continue to drive value for your prospects before they even get on the phone with you.

To make sure your account executives show up to those meetings prepared and ready for action, Alyce will send your AE an email an hour before the meeting  with information on the company, their firmographics, and gift information, so they arrive to the call with talking points that facilitate meaningful conversations that build trust. 

Introducing Alyce Assist

Get More From Your Sales Gifting With Salesloft and Alyce

Not only is Salesloft a valued partner, but they’re a valued customer who are creating best practices for every Salesloft and Alyce customer. Check out their customer story here to read about their success.

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October 12, 2021
Megan Pratt
Megan Pratt

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