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Salesloft Aligns 50% More Reps With Strategic Marketing Programs

Nabiha Balala is the Senior Manager of Enterprise Marketing at Salesloft, a sales engagement platform that helps sellers get to “yes” quicker. In her role she partners with SDRs and AEs company-wide to open doors into key accounts and accelerate pipeline.

She considers herself marketing enablement for the sales team. At any given time, Nabiha is partnering with members of her sales team to identify accounts that could use a little personal attention. She’s giving personal attention to 50 or more accounts, focused on getting in the door to closing the opportunity.

Salesloft loves the high-quality and hyper-personal experience Alyce adds to their ABM motion. It was when Nabiha's colleague received a very personal gift invitation and went through Alyce's gift experience that it clicked - Alyce was going to be a game changer.

Nabiha Blala

“Ever since we implemented Alyce, the numbers in pipeline have been aggressively increasing”

— Nabiha Balala

Senior Manager, Enterprise Marketing @ Salesloft


more BDRs aligned with strategic marketing programs


increase in meeting attendance


of all gifts sent with Alyce have resulted in new opportunities created

Their ABM program called for a more personal approach

Nabiha joined Salesloft to help the company deliver on its ABM strategy. Being personal is at the center of this strategy. They were looking for a solution that would help them increase their Sales Development Opportunities (SDOs) and pipeline.

Alyce’s curated marketplace of personal interest gifts paired with the meeting booker up-leveled their approach to getting in front of prospects.

Turning SDRs into AEs

Rolling out Alyce to the sales team was one of Nabiha’s earlier projects in her role. She remembers identifying the top two highest performing SDRs on the mid-market team to offer Alyce to first. And to her pleasure, "they hit the ball out of the park."

She spent three weeks observing the SDRs to understand what worked and what didn't among the top-performing sellers. From there she brought Alyce to the rest of the mid-market SDR team with best practices and learnings. She offered weekly sessions to get them comfortable with the tool, and top performers came to meetings with strategies that worked for them. They then started to include Alyce in their own Salesloft cadences based on the strategies that worked.

Alyce as a path to promotion

After the mid-market team had adopted the tool, Salesloft rolled Alyce out to the entire SDR organization in 60 days. “Within three months, three of the SDRs became AEs. Alyce really helped them on their path to promotion," Nabiha explains.

Nabiha says she faces a lot of challenges in getting SDRs to buy into marketing activities. With Alyce, adoption of the tool was easier because they quickly saw their own success. Since implementing Alyce the number of reps integrated into strategic marketing programs has increased over 50%.

The personal approach is working. Recipients are opting in to speak to sales reps, and they’re sticking around to listen. In fact, there’s been a 9% increase in net-new meeting attendance since implementing Alyce.

Nabiha says she's also seen her team become more effective at selling with Alyce. “Through the platform, we have uncovered an increase in the sales teams ability to sell to our target personas," she adds.

In addition to opening doors, Alyce has proven helpful when things are a little quiet and an SDR wants to reopen that positive conversation. Nabiha's team also uses it when they know they are going to close a deal but still want to celebrate a couple of people who were instrumental to the success of the deal -- AEs will send them an Alyce gift to show them appreciation.

A natural step in their process

"Ever since we implemented Alyce, the numbers in our pipeline have been aggressively increasing," Nabiha says. In fact, 20% of all gifts sent with Alyce have resulted in new opportunities created.

"Alyce has been such a game changer. It's organically become part of our everyday sales process.”

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