Hit Your Number With Alyce’s Salesloft Integration

The Alyce + Salesloft integration gives our customers the ability to send gifts, view gifting history, and browse the Alyce marketplace directly from Salesloft.
The Alyce and Salesloft Integration

In traditional sales environments, sellers are struggling to hit their goals. Even organizations with the healthiest sales teams forecast that 60% of their team will hit quota, a number that’s been declining for years. 

Sellers need a better, easier way to do their jobs, one that enables them to do the work that helps them hit their goals, rather than jumping back and forth in between tools just to get their cadences out the door. 

Rather than simplify sellers’ days, they’re putting together a tech stack of tools that don’t work well together and only create more busy work. 

Sales leaders are now tasked with simplifying their teams’ days so they can focus their time and effort on what they do best: creating relationships with buyers. 

That’s why we’re so excited today to announce our Salesloft gifting integration, giving our joint customers the ability to send gifts, view gifting history, and browse the Alyce marketplace. 

Actionable insights, seamlessly integrated together can help your sales team say the right thing, to the right person, at the right time with the right gift to drive action that’ll ensure your team hits your targets month after month. 

How the Salesloft and Alyce Integration Works

Access Alyce Directly From Salesloft

Access Alyce Directly From Salesloft

No need to leave your Revenue Workspace. If you want to send a gift or view a contact you’ve previously gifted, no need to open a new tab on your computer. 

You can use the Alyce integration with Salesloft to leverage the entire gifting functionality you know and love right from your cadences view. 

Send Gifts From Salesloft

Send Alyce Gifts From Salesloft

Use your usual Alyce Personal Gifting workflow directly in Salesloft. Simply plugin the contact you’d like to send a gift to, choose the right campaign, let Alyce work it’s magic and you’re ready to send a personal gift to a lucky prospect.

View The Full Alyce Gifting History Of Your Contacts In Salesloft

View The Full Alyce Gifting History Of Your Contacts In Salesloft

Want to make sure you don’t send the same gift twice? Want to reference a gift that was sent earlier on in the sales cycle but completely forget what your prospect accepted? Just curious and checking in on prospects that were handed over to you that had a previous owner?

Access and view the entire gifting hisotry of your prospects directly in Salesloft so you can always keep your messaging relevant, respectful, and personal.

Browse the Alyce Gift Marketplace

Browse the Alyce Gift Marketplace in Salesloft

Ever just want to see what’s available in the Alyce Gift Marketplace to find the most unique and fun gift to send to prospects? Now you can see the marketplace directly from Salesloft before you send a gift. 

Filter by gift type or by interest and delight your champion, prospect, and customers. 

SalesLoft talks the talk and walks the walk. Here are the results they saw with Alyce powering their gifting efforts: https://www.alyce.com/customer-stories/salesloft/ 


Want to chat with the Alyce team about leveraging the Salesloft integration? Let’s chat!

September 21, 2021
Megan Pratt
Megan Pratt

Megan Pratt approaches marketing the way she approaches everything - with a lot of questions. She's spent 10+ years in various marketing roles, all relating to telling the right story to the right customers at the right time. She joined Alyce in December of 2021 to lead the Product Marketing team and share the Alyce vision of authenticity, personalization, and connection with the world. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her two young kids and husband in the Southern Utah desert that she calls home.