Dialpad Increases Rep Pipeline by up to 4x with Alyce

Izabella Bray is the Head of Marketing Campaigns at Dialpad, a cloud communication platform embedded with AI to drive greater value from every interaction via calling, video conferencing, and chat in one application.

A time-consuming and glitchy direct mail platform with limited functionality left Dialpad’s account-based gifting experience flat. Izabella needed a solution that helped her team work smarter, not harder, and that’s where Alyce made the difference.

Izabella Bray

“Invitation-based gifting is a complete game-changer.”

— Izabella Bray

Head of Marketing Campaigns, Dialpad


outreach-to-meetings booked conversion rate


increase in sales pipeline generated


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The marketing team is focused on generating target leads and meetings for sales by differentiating their solution to specific customer personas. Izabella believes her job is to make the life of the sales rep easier. For Dialpad, this meant developing a sophisticated account-based program. Izabella and the Dialpad team focused on three core pillars for the program: intent, engagement, and fit. But when it came to their direct mail strategy, they knew they needed an overhaul.

“Everyone loves our Dialpad socks, and for a while, that was the primary swag in our direct mail toolkit. With our previous solution, reps were sending out socks to prospects and we had little to no visibility as to how those sends were performing. Reps would often get frustrated that they didn't know when the socks arrived at the prospect, if at all.” 

To boost intent, engagement, and fit Izabella needed an approach that integrated seamlessly into their existing programs. As she assessed her direct mail provider at the time, Izabella realized this approach was wasteful and inefficient. She then searched for a gifting solution that integrated with Salesforce and therefore improved rep workflow, eliminated waste, and enhanced prospect personalization. 

Building trust and value between sales and marketing teams

The Dialpad team decided to start fresh, in search of a solution that was able to integrate well with their strategy, provide visibility into the status of their gift, drive impact, and incentivize the right behaviors in their reps. 

When Izabella heard about Alyce’s ability to let recipients choose their gift, show engagement, book meetings, surface analytics, and not be charged for a gift until it was accepted and a meeting was scheduled, she found it an obvious choice. 

“The invitation-based method is a complete gamechanger.” While many other gifting solutions all looked like they were duplicates of one another, Alyce was unique. “That's what I love about Alyce, even if I wrote a wishlist, I wouldn't have put some of the features because I didn't think that they would be possible.” Since implementing Alyce at Dialpad, the marketing team has been able to leverage direct mail as a way to better align marketing activities with sales goals.

"Alyce has been an innovative partner in enabling marketing to work in direct mail as a channel within our existing programs. Now we can work in tandem with sales in generating meetings based on real-time responses to our marketing efforts. We now have a whole new channel to leverage in making our programs more integrated!" said Sonia Lucyga, Email Marketing Manager at Dialpad.

Alyce gave Izabella and her team the ability to incentivize reps to use their engagement tool’s insights. When reps see someone has been on the site, they can send a personal note and invitation and see the results of their efforts. “It’s a better progression and a better incentive for sales to use marketing’s engagement data, by pairing it with a gift of which they can have confidence in tracking the outcome." 

At first, the Dialpad sales team was hesitant to move away from their one-to-many approach; it had worked to some degree and they were comfortable using it. It took a few weeks working with Izabella for reps to shift their mindset to send personal, one-to-one gifts, and they soon came around.

"Alyce is so much more sophisticated than our previous direct mail solution, that at first I admittedly was reluctant to adopt it. But after just a few weeks of sending personalized gift invites, my pipeline grew by 20%," said Nicollette Warner, Dialpad Account Executive.

“Another great aspect of Alyce is the control it provides managers,” explained Izabella. Leaders can set limits on how many invites reps can send, ensuring that the reps use the gifts strategically alongside their outreach. Setting gift limits forced Dialpad reps to prioritize their contacts, value lead scoring, and assess engagement. This strategic approach quickly proved successful for the Dialpad team and allowed for the account-based marketing program to come full circle.

"Today's prospecting world is saturated with mass blasting cold-canned emails and LinkedIn messages. Alyce helped me stand out with highly personalized messages and gifts tailored to a prospect's hobbies and interests," said Connor Baytoff, Dialpad Account Executive.

"Since using Alyce in our direct mail campaigns, we've seen a 13% conversion rate from gifts sent to meetings booked—that's a great conversion rate for cold outbounding, and among the highest cold prospecting response rates our sales team has ever achieved," said Sarah Rolfing, Dialpad’s Sr. Dir. of Demand Gen.

Doing right by the company and its prospects

“We want to be good stewards of the company's money,” added Izabella. “Frankly, the prior system that was in place for direct mail was very wasteful; wasteful of rep’s time and effort, wasteful of company money. Alyce not only allows you to do right by the company and spend money a lot more wisely, but it enables positive behavior on the rep side for smart prospecting.”

With Alyce, Izabella has seen reps 4x their pipeline. Adopting the Alyce approach forged better sales and marketing alignment; marketing even had reps thank them for implementing Alyce into their tech stack. The change in approach elevated Dialpad’s entire sales team to be more strategic and thoughtful when executing their outreach, which makes the experience all the richer for their prospects. 

About Dialpad:
The Dialpad cloud communication platform delivers high-quality calling, video conferencing, and chat from a single application. Powerful AI technology is embedded in every interaction, enabling business users to get more value from their calls and meetings. 70,000+ businesses including Uber, Xero, Betterment, PagerDuty, and Stripe trust Dialpad to enable effective communication between employees, customers, and business partners. Dialpad has raised $220M+ from esteemed Venture Capital firms to fund aggressive growth worldwide.

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