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Webroot Sees a 50% Increase in Marketing Campaign Engagement

Hannah Rea is a Channel Marketing Specialist at Webroot, an OpenText Company, that secure businesses and individuals worldwide with threat intelligence and protection for endpoints and networks. In her role, Hannah is responsible for managing monthly email campaigns, driving engagement in trial incentives, webinar recruitment, and event registration.

Coming from a marketing operations background, Hannah is continuously looking for new and innovative ways to engage her audience through measurable, scalable channels.

The Webroot team had never used a gifting platform before, but that didn’t stop Hannah from diving right in.

“The Alyce platform is really intuitive and easy to use. I jumped in before I had my onboarding call with Monica and was able to navigate the platform pretty easily.”

Hannah Rea, Webroot Chanel Marketing Specialist

“Our engagement metrics have gone through the roof. We have seen great success running email campaigns offering Alyce incentives to take a Webroot trial”

— Hannah Rea

Channel Marketing Specialist @ Webroot


increase in campaign engagement


meeting rate from personal gifting


view gift to book a meeting rate

Change Management and a Need to Re-engage Audience

In the two years that Hannah has been at Webroot, they’ve been acquired twice, which is exciting but also brings about new challenges – and new opportunities.

New processes, team members, and a growing audience with expanded product offerings were just a few of the realities Hannah needed to juggle.

Through her previous experience within the organization, Hannah was familiar with the marketing team’s demand generation email campaigns and the tactics being used to increase engagement. Earlier digital campaigns were not providing enough return on investment, so Hannah started adding Alyce gift options to emails earlier in the lead lifecycle to cut down on unnecessary campaign setup while increasing engagement from their existing audience.

Webroot’s excellent reputation in the security space meant that audience engagement was historically good. However, acquisitions often bring about uncertainty and Hannah knew it was time to double down on their trust-building initiatives to show their audience–both new and old –that their products were just as innovative and reliable as ever.

Quality Over Quantity

When Hannah moved over to the channel marketing team, she noticed that by incorporating Alyce into the mix, it took fewer emails to drive the desired action and led to increased conversions.

“The Alyce algorithm works wonders when it comes to picking a gift the prospect will enjoy. I think when people see something they like or are interested in, they view Webroot in a better light and are more likely to sit down for a discussion.”

Over the past 11 months, Hannah and her team have seen a 50% increase in engagement across her email campaigns and saw their highest number of marketing qualified leads (MQLs) passed to their sales team, ever.

To Upsells and Beyond

All of the internal changes that Webroot has seen in the past two years have brought exciting product updates to their platform.

With three new product updates coming soon and two products being added to their portfolio, Hannah is excited to expand her marketing efforts to the existing Webroot customer base, and may even include her customer success team into the campaigns. Overall, Alyce has become an integral part of the channel marketing strategy and Webroot is looking forward to utilizing this tool in new ways in the coming year.


About Webroot:

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