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ASG Technologies Impacts $2.8 Million in Pipeline with Personalized Outreach

Kelly Sutter is the Global Head of Field Marketing for ASG Technologies, a Global Enterprise Software vendor providing Information Management and IT Systems Management solutions for some of the world’s largest businesses.

The ASG Field Marketing Team is very closely aligned with its Sales Team to drive pipeline growth and deal acceleration. They focus on connecting target accounts and contacts in very personal and targeted engagements, in collaboration with their Sales Teams.

“When it comes to events that our Field Marketing Team leads, they have typically been in-person events with a focus on more intimate engagements and experiences, that was until COVID-19 hit...

The shutdown of in-person activities forced our Field Marketing Team to think differently and pivot quickly. Many other marketing teams in our industry increased their Digital Marketing efforts to fill the sudden gap, but we already had a robust Demand Generation Marketing plan with numerous Digital Marketing Activities. So we rethought how we continue our more intimate engagements with customers in order to get Sales more meetings and opportunities. We knew it did not always need to be an event.”

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“The feedback we’re getting is that…Alyce is the best invention in the history of Sales.”

— Kelly Sutter

Global Head of Field Marketing @ ASG Technologies

$2.8 Million

in influenced pipline

100 +

meetings booked with top prospects


average meeting rate with executives

Finding a New Channel Field Marketing Could Own

Kelly and her team were on the hunt for a channel different from their Demand Gen Team counterparts – something that would create and facilitate tighter knit connections on behalf of the Sales Team they partner with.

At the start of COVID-19, they were bombarded with a constant barrage of vendors looking to sell the ASG Team a new solution to their challenge of their main pipeline driver of in-person engagements being shut down indefinitely. Most emails were passed on almost immediately, until one unique email caught their attention. The personal approach was one they were already very familiar with – “Show me you know me”.

The email came from the ASG account owner from Alyce and Kelly and her team saw first-hand the power of creating a personal experience on a one-to-one basis that could be facilitated digitally. “The emails we received sparked discussion amongst our team and an interest to better understand the Alyce experience and ultimately the start to our own personal experience program at ASG.”

Field Marketing and Sales Working Together in Lock Step

When the ASG Field Marketing Team got their hands on the Alyce platform, they got to work finding the best possible process for sending out messages and gifts to the right people, at the right time.

Through trial and error, the ASG Team found a good flow with their Sales Team. When they first tried purely cold outreach, the response rate was much lower than expected. Each Field Marketing Manager brainstormed further with the Sales Leaders and Sales Reps to develop new ideas that could result in an increased meeting response rate. Each team now works closely together to build out the touch plan and identify the right contacts to reach out to with a gift.

Once the first personalized gift with meeting request is sent, the Field Marketing Manager and the Sales Team member work together to ensure the contact is then moved into a follow up Cadence (LinkedIn outreach, etc.). This outreach includes the contacts unique gift link with tailored copy so the experience is personal the whole way through.

At ASG, the partnership between marketing and sales doesn’t end when the gift is accepted. The Field Marketing Manager tracks the movement of each accepted gift through meeting booked, meeting held, opportunity created and opportunity closed.

Accelerating Sales Cycles and Creating Deeper Relationships

“The timing and nature of this program accelerated the pending discussions that were originally scheduled later that quarter. This also allowed to me uncover my customers’ personal passions, raising the credibility of both myself and ASG and deepening the relationship overall.”

“Once again Alyce has made for an easy and smooth connection with a different contact within a prospect whether that person attended a Webinar or roundtable discussion. Alyce is working exactly the way it was intended to do and that is to set appts with different areas within a customer or prospect.”
By working with the Sales Team so closely, the Field Marketing Team soon identified three kinds of outreach opportunities that drove the most engagement from their VIP prospects.

  1. Executive Level Event follow up: The Field Marketing Team engages new prospects in Roundtable discussions and follows up to get meetings for sales.. The Sales Team would identify executive level contacts who had engaged in a marketing activity with the ASG team and would send them a personal gift and a personal note.Due to the nature of executive gifts, the ASG team found that donations made the most impact with this audience and were able to see 10% of the gift recipients booking a meeting directly from the outreach.
  2. Seasonal Campaigns: The ASG team ran an end-of-year campaign with select contacts to move forward and accelerate stalled deals at the end of the year, both with new contacts for the account and with existing customer contacts.The timing and nature of the campaign resulted in 21% of the gift recipients booking a meeting directly from the gift.
  3. Virtual User Groups: Working with the Sales Team once again to identify customers who were attending the Virtual User Groups put on by the Customer Marketing Team, the Field and Sales Teams were able to identify accounts who were in the process of expanding their use of ASG’s technologies and were interested in moving the deals further, faster.

This campaign also ended up having 21% of all contacts book a meeting from the initial gift that was sent.

“I just had the most incredible, best-ever call with the new CIO in my account. My Field Marketing Manager lead the effort with the Alyce marketing process to get this meeting sooner rather than later and as you guys know timing is everything.”

The ASG Field Marketing Team has seen amazing response from the quality and thoughtfulness of the outreach, it has accelerated deals forward at a faster pace than they’ve seen with other outreach methods. “Offering something personal makes a huge difference in accelerating conversations forward and strengthening the relationship with the customer.”

Establishing Credibility Internally and Externally

With Kelly’s Field Marketing Team working so closely with Sales, they care a lot about the feedback they get from the Sales Team and what they do helps to grow and accelerate their business. Alyce has helped build a higher level of trust between marketing and sales, as well as build credibility for the Sales Team with customers and prospects.

“It’s critical to work with our Sales Team one-on-one and brainstorm outreach tactics for their top accounts.”

Asking a customer and a prospect to take the next step in a sales process can be a difficult line to tow. Kelly’s team knows you can’t stick to these three methods of gifting and they are continually looking for and testing new ideas to move the needle on pipeline and revenue. They find value in working closely with the Alyce team to build out campaign ideation and optimization.

“The Alyce team has been very supportive and enabled our success. It’s not just that the product works, it’s that the Alyce team has been here every step of the way. That support makes a huge difference. We’re testing out new ideas to get more meetings and case studies, and excited to test out new territories in EMEA.”

About ASG Technologies:

ASG Technologies Group, Inc. provides global organizations with a modern approach to Digital Transformation to succeed in the Information Economy.

ASG is the only solutions provider for both Information Management and IT Systems.

ASG’s Information Management solutions enable companies to find, understand, govern and deliver information of any kind, from any source – whether structured or unstructured – through its lifecycle from capture to analysis to consumption.

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