OneNeck increases their meeting booked rate by 150%

Heather Fritz is the Manager, Field Marketing at OneNeck, a securely architected Hybrid IT Solutions Provider offering a broad portfolio of products, solutions, and services targeted toward IT leaders in the Mid-Market and Emerging Enterprise. Heather is part of a small, but mighty,  demand generation team tasked with driving new logo and expansion opportunities through account-based marketing programs. From website and digital to direct mail, email and events, Heather is responsible for designing and executing an omnichannel experience for top accounts that help open doors for sales. 

In a saturated market with discerning prospects, delivering an omnichannel experience can be a challenge. To create memorable experiences for their top accounts, OneNeck searched for a way to differentiate themselves and drive better impact through their ABM outreach. When Heather discovered Alyce, she knew it was the perfect experience to make a lasting human connection and start an impactful conversation.

Heather Fritz

It’s the best tool we have in our bag to turn interest into a conversation.

- Heather Fritz, Manager of Field Marketing @ OneNeck


increase in
booked meetings


decrease in
gifting programs

As a lean org, every minute the OneNeck Demand Generation team spends planning, building, and executing campaigns adds to the compounding cost of acquiring their leads. When it came to their dimensional mail campaigns, planning through multiple agencies would take a minimum of two months before launch.

“We were doing what we would call high-end dimensional mail prior to discovering Alyce. We would send out a creatively designed box that had a costly gift or incentive to tour our data centers, e.g., iPads, Yeti Coolers, or Traeger Grills. We were able to generate some interest, engagement, and leads. But in practice, there was a lot of effort that went into building those campaigns from both Marketing and Sales and our cost per lead was very high. There’s always a lot of iterations and we had to make many assumptions about what would actually intrigue prospects to physically drive to one of our data centers for a live tour and an intro to the OneNeck brand and our portfolio of service and solution offerings.”

All of the time and energy the broader marketing team was investing as part of their prior dimensional mail strategy was driving their cost-per-lead much higher than typical benchmarks, and it wasn’t driving the end-to-end experience they wanted to deliver for their prospects. 

Concerned about the time, labor, and financial resources it took to create their dimensional mail campaigns, Heather needed to implement a solution that enabled Marketing to send high-quality direct mail at scale.

Says Heather, “As someone who is heavily marketed to, I get prospected a lot with direct mail and incentives. Prior to the pandemic, I had several types of boxes and gifts sitting in my office - much of it out of touch with my preferences and tastes. In OneNeck’s case, we wanted our prospects to immediately sense our gifts were from a person, one who had taken some time to figure out who they are and their interests, whether personally or professionally. That, combined with the value our solution offered to them, meant OneNeck could help them succeed at their business objectives.”

Turning the Impersonal into Personal

Heather first encountered Alyce when she was on the receiving end of a gift. All it took was a cedar box, a personal note, and a personal gift to ignite her imagination for what was possible in direct mail gifting.

“I really believed this was something that would cut through the clutter and build some intrigue, but I have to admit, I was very hesitant that it would have a better impact than our prior direct mail program. The more I learned about the platform and how easy it was for a salesperson to send out a personal gift, the more comfortable I became with the concept.”

To test the waters on what was possible with this new approach, Heather and the team started where they knew they had the most opportunity to grow. At that time, they hadn’t invested in the right technology to initiate conversations strategically with ABM. Through some initial experimentations with Alyce, the number of meetings sourced through personal gifting increased by 60% in their first year. 

As the OneNeck team continued to evolve their Account-based approach, the team incorporated Alyce into a larger, strategic omnichannel experience. Through predictive analytics and website engagement, the reps are directed to use buyer intent signals to initiate a conversation through a perfectly timed Alyce gift.

“If we see a spike in the account’s interest we’ll help direct our sales team into a next touchpoint to accelerate that interest into a conversation. It’s the best tool we have in our bag to turn that interest into a conversation.”

Since implementing Alyce, OneNeck’s Account-based strategies have become far more agile. “If we execute a coordinated campaign in Alyce, we can have a scaled campaign up and running in a matter of days,” says Heather. “For example, our sales team can meet someone at an event and have a gift off to them in 24 hrs.” 

Gifting through Alyce has become an integral part of ABM programming at OneNeck. Because of the time and energy saved, the total investment into their gifting programs went down by over 50%, while increasing the meeting book rate by 150%. These additional savings now allow the OneNeck team to “gift” more frequently and more effectively than ever before. “Before we would do a quarterly campaign, but with Alyce, it's just part of a regular sales cadence of outreach.” OneNeck’s cost-per-lead and cost-per-opportunity are now in a much better place.

About OneNeck:
Established in 2010, OneNeck IT Solutions offers hybrid IT solutions including cloud and hosting solutions, managed services, enterprise application management, advanced IT services, hardware, and local connectivity.

Industry: IT Solutions

Company Size: 550

Location: Middleton, WI