Birdeye Alyce Customer Story

Birdeye Creates 50 Net New Opportunities In One Quarter

Stephanie Blitstein is the Senior Manager of Field Marketing at Birdeye, an Experience Marketing platform that allows customers to choose businesses based on shared experiences, not ads.

Tightly aligned with the Birdeye sales team, Stephanie works every day to find opportunities and drive value with programs that increase sales pipeline. From virtual or in-person events, to direct mail and content syndication, Stephanie’s customer is her sales team.

Before Stephanie joined the team back in October of 2020, the Birdeye sales team had been using Alyce Personal Gifting exclusively with 1:1 gifting. Having executed direct mail and gifting strategies in the past, Stephanie saw an opportunity to generate a brand new revenue stream with personalized gifting in a 1 to many approach.

Stephanie Blitstein

“The Alyce program works really well because it gives marketers control over how gifting is done. I'm able to set the standard for quality and direct the strategy to successfully approach our prospects”

— Stephanie Blitstein

Senior Manager, Field Marketing @ Birdeye


ROI for Closed/Won Business in one quarter


average opportunity conversion rate in one quarter


net new opportunities opened on one quarter

The Shift In Strategy

When Stephanie joined the Birdeye team, she knew that a shift in the customer market and messaging had a great shift in direction with the impact of COVID-19. Strategies that had worked in the past hadn’t been producing the same results.

So, she decided to take the challenge of getting in front of Birdeye buyers during the pandemic into her own hands. With professionals leaving their offices to work from home during COVID, Stephanie was having trouble finding up to date data on phone numbers and addresses that would be necessary to execute a traditional gifting strategy. So, Stephanie built her budget and strategy around different types of programs, including gifting with Alyce.

Standing up a gifting program was super important because she wanted to see results quickly. Whereas creating an events strategy from the ground up can be time-consuming - gifting seemed like a strategy the new field marketing team could use to see results in less time, align with sales, and convert high intent prospects.

Having worked with multiple gifting vendors in the past, Stephanie was excited to motivate the sales team to leverage the personalized gifting process with Alyce Activate as part of their full prospecting strategy.

As a marketer, Stephanie loves the settings she has control over - choosing the types of gifts her sales reps can send, building messaging templates, and having an eagle eye on the marketing budget.

To begin, Stephanie worked with her sales team to determine who would be the best fit contacts to receive a gift.

She used gifting for their land and expand approach. She partnered with Sales to build a recipient list which consisted of net new contacts that fell under their ideal buyer persona profile. She set up a sequence for the sales team in SalesLoft so that her reps were ready to follow up after a prospect viewed or accepted a gift. The key to success here was to move away from email and focus on a cadence that included phone, text and LinkedIn follow up.

The Closer The Alignment With Sales, The Better The Results

1 to many gifting through Alyce Activate was new to the Birdeye sales team, so keeping a watchful eye on the process helped the sales team feel better about the prospects and leads they were engaging through gifting.

Alignment was important to Stephanie. She went to every sales team meeting with strategy decks to ensure that new reps on the team and veteran sales members were all on board and knew exactly what the plan was.

Getting first party data through the required questions in the Alyce Activate form helps the sales team understand who they’re about to get on the phone with and continues to build and earn their trust with her gifting programs.

Not only that, but once the campaigns were live, Stephanie kept a laser-sharp focus on the prospects who flowed into her gifting sequences. She helped the sales reps prioritize their books of business by helping them surface prospects who were engaging in her gifting campaigns.

Her trust-building exercises worked! After seeing a 12% opportunity conversion rate on the gifts sent in January of 2021, Stephanie and the sales team decided to increase their audience and run this campaign all over again to a new audience. Stephanie went with her gut and expanded the list to include mid market prospects she thought would be a good fit for her campaigns.

Her gut was right; her second month into running her campaigns, she saw a 1,700% return on investment in the form of closed/won revenue.

The third month into Stephanie’s gifting program with Alyce, she expanded the audience once again, this time adding contacts who had gone 90 days without any sales activity.

All in all, in the first quarter of the year, Stephanie and her sales team were able to open 50 net new opportunities.

“Requiring an answer in the gift invitation helped us learn more about who our sales team was getting on the phone with. There were a handful of people that were claiming they were using our competitors which was great intel for us.”

What’s Next?

After seeing success for a full quarter with her gifting campaigns, Stephanie is brainstorming ways she can continue driving pipeline.

Keeping her messaging and positioning relevant is one lever she wants to pull. Performing a message audit and understanding what kinds of copy works best for similar segments is a project she has her eye on.

And why not fix what isn’t broken? Introducing new sales segments into her gifting programs paid out in dividends for the first quarter of her campaigns, so expansion into new territories is also on her to do list.

Now that she has her events strategy off the ground, leveraging gifting during hosted and sponsored events to drive registration, participation and attendance will be added to the roadmap to stand out from the competition. “At any other company, they might have just mailed the gift to that person or emailed them and said here, we're sending you a gift card or something. I thought why not use Alyce to facilitate it, and let them pick what they want?”

About Birdeye:

Birdeye is an all-in-one Experience Marketing platform for multi-location businesses.

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