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Out-of-the-giftbox B2B gifting tips and trends you can use now

We welcome you to use our ready-to-go, aggregated insights to help you and your team put your best foot forward when executing your gifting-led marketing, sales, and customer campaigns.

This one’s on us! We’ve curated a plethora of best practices, so you can take the work we’ve done to fast-track your own gifting strategy and successes, to:

  • Grow more awareness and demand
  • Convert more pipeline faster
  • Make inroads to more stakeholders
  • Scale customer wins consistently
  • And recognize employees supporting and growing your business, effectively 

Gifting best practices to engage and convert more responses from prospects and customers

Gift values for higher acceptance: By use case

Ever find yourself debating whether what you’re sending is too little or too much? We can remove the guesswork.

Based on our anonymized data across multiple industries, our customers typically see gift values that fall within these ranges for particular use cases are more successful than others. 

Gift value: $25 (or less)
Best for: 

  • Inviting valued customers or partners to your event
  • Sending employee appreciation gifts (HR)

Gift value: $26-50
Best for: 

  • Rewarding loyal customers for their business, referrals, and success stories
  • Celebrating milestones like renewals

Gift value: $100-175
Best for:

  • Accelerating slowing pipeline deals (key accounts)
  • Following up with post-event attendees (key accounts)

Better first impressions make lasting connections

Door openers: Remember, better first impressions make lasting connections

You’ve got one shot to make a first impression. Likely you’re contending with several others also vying for attention.

Take a moment to equip yourself with not just a gift that can break through the monotony of messages, but with the right gift and value. This may be the difference-maker to getting that highly sought after response.

Depending on your role and who you’re looking to make a better connection with, use our tips to present yourself well in any situation and to increase your chances of acceptance.

Gift value: Up to $25
Best for: 

  • Welcoming contacts in new customer accounts
  • Intros to new strategic partners

Gift value: $26-$50
Best for: 

  • Prospecting for new business (BDRs)
  • Re-awakening conversations with past leads (‘reopening’ doors) 

Gift value: $250+
Best for:

  • Making inroads by Sales Directors to executive decision-makers (key accounts)

Timing is everything

When to send: After all, timing is everything

Increase your acceptance rates by scheduling your gifting campaigns on the best days by use case.

Best for: 

  • Celebrating a special occasion

Best for: 

  • Welcoming new customers
  • Rewarding loyal customers

Best for: 

  • Speeding up deals in the pipeline
  • Showing partner appreciation
  • Celebrating employees 

Best for:

  • Incentivizing event registrations and attendance
  • Thanking recipients (general)

Best for:

  • Getting foot in door/intros to new leads (queued up so they see early the next week)
  • Re-engaging leads that have gone quiet
  • Following up with event attendees
  • Warming up renewal conversations

Customer satisfaction

When things don’t go quite as you anticipated

A gift can go a long way. Accompany your apology with a personal gift valued between $50-$100.

Relationship-building is never a one-and-done

Retaining current customers can be challenging. Improve your chances of reaching your current customers by sending personal gifts valued between $50-$100.

Let us know how it goes

Give it a try and let us know what you see.

Got your own tried-and-true touch? We’d love to hear how, when, and why your gifting methods are inducing more wows, prompting more responses, and converting to next steps conversations – at higher rates. 

Looking to take your campaigns to the next level? Connect with your Alyce account manager for more tips like these.

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November 16, 2023
Tara Benyousky
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