Just Unwrapped By Alyce in September

Learn more about what our product team has been working on to help our customers be more personal at scale.
Just Unwrapped by Alyce

It’s a new quarter and with that brings a whole suite of product updates from your friends here at Alyce. Our product team has been listening to your requests and have been hard at work creating better experiences for our customers to facilitate moments that drive momentum in the customer journey.

If you want to get a rundown of how to use all of these updates together, check out our on-demand Unwrapped experience here!

Marketing Led Gifting

Marketing Led Gifting by Alyce

Sales and marketing alignment feels like a topic that’s been spoken about to death. And there could be a reason for that: Organizations still aren’t prioritizing it.

So let’s do a quick exercise:
Think about your marketing channels. How can you align your campaigns better to your sales organization? Are there extra steps you can take to do work on their behalf that they get to see the value from to align on the value of your campaign?

Especially with the technology that modern marketing teams have, marketing working on behalf of sales can be done effectively and – close to – effortlessly.
So when you look at the cross-channel campaigns you’re running through Digital, web, gifting channels you need to make sure as a marketing team that your tech stack enables you to align your work better with sales.

With Alyce Led Marketing, you can execute gifting campaigns on behalf of your sales team, at scale, that will create memorable moments that drive action for your prospects, that plays nicely with the rest of the technology you use today.

Give full control to your marketing team and let your sales team see the results of your hard work! Learn more about Marketing Led Gifting here!

Custom Marketplaces

Create custom gift marketplaces

The key to any marketing campaign is consistency across channels. From paid search to email copy and your gifting campaigns, consistent messaging and themes will keep your business top of mind.

Before, when marketers using Alyce wanted to include gifting into their campaigns, they couldn’t easily curate gifting marketplaces that matched the themes that were aligned with their campaign theme.

You can always make sure the gift you send is inline with the theme, but what about when someone exchanges the gift for something completely off theme? The message will fall flat and the experience will feel inconsistent.

That’s why today, we’re introducing Custom Marketplaces: Curate a marketplace that matches the theme of your marketing campaigns.

Learn more about Custom Marketplaces here!

Salesloft Integration

The Alyce and Salesloft Integration

In traditional sales environments, sellers are struggling to hit their goals. Even organizations with the healthiest sales teams forecast that 60% of their team will hit quota, a number that’s been declining for years.

Sellers need a better, easier way to do their jobs, one that enables them to do the work that helps them hit their goals, rather than jumping back and forth in between tools just to get their cadences out the door.

That’s why we’re so excited today to announce our integration with Salesloft, giving our joint customers the ability to send gifts, view gifting history, and browse the Alyce marketplace.

Actionable insights, seamlessly integrated together can help your sales team say the right thing, to the right person, at the right time with the right gift to drive action that’ll ensure your team hits your targets month after month.

Learn more about our integration with Salesloft here!

Kitting and Warehousing

Kitting and warehousing with Staples

Your gifting strategy shouldn’t need “assembly required” when it comes to making sure the recipients of your gifts receive everything you want them to for a specific campaign.

That’s why today we’re so excited to announce our partnership with several strategic partners to help with warehousing, kitting, and custom branded products.

Trusted by the world’s most recognized brands, our partners lead the industry with design expertise, best-in-class technology, and inspiring creativity. Brands of all sizes rely on this team of experts to provide branded merchandise that delivers. 65 years of experience, 1200 consultants, a global network, 3rd largest supplier in the US, $600M in revenue.

These partnerships will unify physical and digital gifting on a global scale that is unmatched in the industry.

Customers will be enabled to leverage promotional product solutions within their sales, marketing and HR strategies, globally.

Together, our complementary solutions have the potential to deliver smart and impactful experiences at scale and accelerated growth for our customers worldwide.

Learn more about our Partnership and kitting capabilities here!


September 23, 2021
Megan Pratt
Megan Pratt

Megan Pratt approaches marketing the way she approaches everything - with a lot of questions. She's spent 10+ years in various marketing roles, all relating to telling the right story to the right customers at the right time. She joined Alyce in December of 2021 to lead the Product Marketing team and share the Alyce vision of authenticity, personalization, and connection with the world. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her two young kids and husband in the Southern Utah desert that she calls home.