Introducing Marketing-Led Gifting

Marketing Led Gifting by Alyce helps marketers build trust with their sales team, create pipeline, and see the impact on their work.
Marketing Led Gifting by Alyce

Sales and marketing alignment feels like a topic that’s been spoken about to death. And there could be a reason for that: Organizations still aren’t prioritizing it.

79% of marketing leads never convert due to a failure to nurture consumer connections (HubSpot).

Marketing teams continue to be goaled on arbitrary metrics that don’t lead to revenue, making it hard for sales and marketing teams to align and focus on a common goal that benefits the entire organization.

And while that shift can be uncomfortable, hard, and tumultuous to start, there is an upside:

  • Sales and marketing alignment can lead to a 32% increase in year-over-year (YoY) revenue growth (Aberdeen Group).
  • Sales and marketing alignment can lead to 208% growth in marketing revenue (Wheelhouse Advisors).
  • Sales and marketing alignment can lead to 38% higher sales win rates (MarketingProfs).

Marketing teams seeing the larger company impact of their programming and sales driving more business? Seems like a good deal.

But thinking about a plan is one thing, executing on it is another.

So let’s do a quick exercise:
Think about your marketing channels. How can you align your campaigns better to your sales organization? Are there extra steps you can take to do work on their behalf that they get to see the value from to align with the value of your campaign?

Especially with the technology that modern marketing teams have, marketing working on behalf of sales can be done effectively and – close to – effortlessly.

So when you look at the cross-channel campaigns you’re running through digital, web, and gifting channels you need to make sure as a marketing team that your tech stack enables you to align your work better with sales.

With Alyce Led Marketing, you can execute gifting campaigns on behalf of your sales team, at scale, that will create memorable moments that drive action for your prospects, that plays nicely with the rest of the technology you use today.

Ready to use gifting software? This comprehensive guide walks you through the noteworthy benefits, top features, and pointers to using corporate gifting platforms effectively.

Give full control to your marketing team and let your sales team see the results of your hard work!

How Gifting Marketing With Alyce Works

  1. Choose a gift you want to be the default gift for your campaign 
  2. Choose the gift you want to send 
  3. Choose which team you want to send a gift on behalf of
  4. Make sure you have notifications turned on for each of the team members so they know how the prospects are reacting to the gift. 
  5. Download each of the gift links for your teammates and upload them into your CRM to dynamically insert into your Marketing collateral! 

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Campaigns You Can Stand Up With Marketing Led Gifting with Alyce

  1. The lead score push: If you have a lead scoring model and have prospects who are so close to being an SQL but haven’t gotten there yet, you can send those prospects a gift on behalf of their account owner to drive them to book a meeting with your team.
  2. The Pre or Post Event Play: As marketers, we all know enabling sales teams to do outreach pre and post events can be tricky to prioritize against everything else they’re working on. Using Alyce 1:Many you can send event invitations or post-event follow up on behalf of your sales team to top prospects, executives, or VIP registrants to create a better experience for your dream customers.
  3. The Customer Appreciation Play: Lifecycle marketers do a lot to make sure customers feel appreciated, enabled, and successful. Creating a gifting campaign that congratulates customers on milestones like years as a customer, going live, or internal company milestones can help build affinity for your brand, create a closer relationship between the customer and the internal team, and create and advocate for your business. 

Want more ideas on marketing-led gifting campaigns you can get live today? Here are more examples for you. 

Marketing And Sales Alignment Takes Two To Tango

Marketing and sales alignment is still a struggle for many. Aligning on a common goal and focusing activities to hit those shared goals through all of your outbound and inbound channels is going to bring your revenue-focused teams closer together. 

With Marketing-Led Gifting by Alyce, demand generation marketers can build trust with their sales team, create real pipeline for the business, and see the overall impact on their work, at scale, in a way that continues to create a delightful buying experience for customers. 

September 23, 2021
Megan Pratt
Megan Pratt

Megan Pratt approaches marketing the way she approaches everything - with a lot of questions. She's spent 10+ years in various marketing roles, all relating to telling the right story to the right customers at the right time. She joined Alyce in December of 2021 to lead the Product Marketing team and share the Alyce vision of authenticity, personalization, and connection with the world. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her two young kids and husband in the Southern Utah desert that she calls home.