Creative Marketing-Led Gift Campaign Ideas to Convert Leads

Marketing led gifting can help boost engagement rates in your existing programs Here are 5 campaign ideas you can use now!
Marketing Led Gifting Campaign Ideas

Gifting in the sales process is nothing new. Direct mail and gifting have been involved in the sales process since the beginning of civilization. Seriously. But usually gifting is one of those marketing-led sales-executed channels where marketing teams enable their sales teams to create deeper relationships with prospects in the sales cycle with gifting. 

But marketing teams should be able to have fun, too. 

In fact, incorporating gifting in your marketing campaigns can drive an increase in engagement with your marketing programs

We’re not telling you to scrap your marketing efforts in exchange for a gifting strategy. Instead, we’re suggesting getting creative with ideas by adding gifting to your marketing campaigns.

Think of it like WD40 for your funnel. Gifting can help accelerate the time to trust your business. And we all know trust is one of the most important pieces of the sales and marketing process. 

So here are some creative gifting campaign ideas that marketing teams can run that align with the marketing campaigns your team is already running.

5 Marketing Led Gifting Campaign Ideas That Convert

Closed Lost Gifting Campaign Ideas

When you’re reaching out to accounts who have evaluated your product but didn’t buy it at the time, you can be a little more creative with your communication at scale. With a gifting campaign in place, you can reach out to your closed-lost accounts to re-engage with them in a way that’s on-brand, creative, and places them back in the sales process!

Gift Idea: Google Home

Google Home Gift Idea for Marketing Campaigns Google Hub Gift Idea for Marketing Campaigns

Email Copy Ideas: 

Subject Line: Hey Google

Preheader: Anybody home? 

Hey there {{First Name}}, 

It’s been a bit since {{prospect Company}} evaluated {{your company}}. Do you find yourself asking “Hey Google, set a reminder for me to reach back out to {{your company}} in a few months.”? If you’re like me, you’re always setting reminders for yourself, so I figured this Google home may help you keep track of everything around the house. 

If this gift doesn’t suit you, please feel free to exchange it for something that does by clicking on the link! 

As priorities have shifted and time has passed, is {{your product}} still something that’s a priority for you going into the rest of the year? 

We’ve been working on our product and I’d love to walk you through what’s new as well as understand what your priorities are this upcoming (month, quarter, rest of the year). 

Would you be interested in chatting with our team? You’ll be able to book a meeting with them from the gift. 

Looking forward to reconnecting, 

{{Your Name}} 


Pro Tip! Use an Alyce Post-Gift CTA to redirect to new product offerings, new pieces of content, or new use cases to keep the interest of these re-engaged leads before the meeting. 

Nurture Campaign Gifting Campaign Ideas

Every demand generation team has a nurture program they’re always trying to see more engagement from. Especially those leads who don’t have a high enough lead score to be passed over to sales just yet, but are on the brink. 

Engaging with those high intent leads within your nurtures can be a great way to show value to your sales team by booking meetings for them through a gifting campaign. 

Gift Idea: Theragun

Theragun Gift Idea for Marketing Led Campaign

Email Copy Ideas: 

Subject Line: Take the pain out of {{problem you solve}}

Hi {{First Name}}, 

We don’t have to tell you that {{problem you solve}} is painful. In fact, X% of {{your persona}} say they struggle with {{problem you solve}}. So let us take that pain away, literally. 

First, lower your shoulders away from your ears and relax with a theragun. Of course, if this gift doesn’t suit you, feel free to exchange this for another stress-relieving gift of your choice. 

Next, let’s talk about how {{your company}} can help {{prospect’s company}} with {{problem you solve}}. 

With our suite of tools, we’ve helped x companies solve their {{problem you solve}} problems. We’d love to add you to that list. 

Let’s talk more about how {{prospects company}} and us can work together! 


Pre-Trade Show and Event Communications

Trade Shows are slowly making their way back into the schedules of field marketing folks, and marketing teams are working together to drive booth traffic before the event. A great way to engage with the target accounts you know will be at the event is with a pre-event gift to let them know where to find you in the event hall. 

Gift Idea: Tile Finders

TIle Mate marketing led gifting idea

Email Copy Idea: 

Subject Line: Marco

Preheader: Polo

Hey {{first name}}, 

We’re super excited to see you at {{Trade Show Name}} coming up in a few weeks! We want to make sure you’re not playing a game of marco polo in the conference hall so make sure you mark on your map that we’re at Booth {{booth #}}. 

Outside of finding us at the trade show, if you have trouble misplacing other items, please enjoy this Tile Mate on us! If this gift doesn’t suit you feel free to exchange it for something else. 

We hope to see you in {{City}} on {{Event date}}! 


Product Announcements

Whether you’re announcing product announcements to your existing customer base, marketable database, or high quality leads, these announcements can be a great place to incorporate gifting at scale in your announcement strategy to engage with upsell and net new logo acquisition opportunities. 

A gift offer can help you connect with high intent, high quality leads in your database who will be interested in learning more about your new features and functionalities. 

Gift Idea: Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speaker marketing led gifting idea

Email Copy Idea

Subject Line: Have you heard?

Preheader: We’ve got some exciting news! 

Hey {{first name}}, 

It’s been an exciting day here at {{Your Company}}. Today, we announced the release of {{new product offering}}. 

{{Give value of your product offering here}}

We’re so excited we’ve been happy dancing all day. If you want to join us, feel free to use this bluetooth speaker to play your happy song and dance with us. Of course if dancing isn’t your thing, please feel free to exchange this gift for something else that gets you excited. 

If {{product offering}} is a priority for you, let’s get you set up with our team so we can tell you a bit more about it! 


Customer Marketing Cross-Sell Campaign

When you have multiple products, cross selling into your existing customer base can be a great source of additional revenue without the work of acquiring an entirely new account. Incorporating gifting can help strengthen your relationship with the account while also showing the value of your new and existing product offering. 

Gift Ideas: Blender or Cocktail Shaker

Blender gift ideaCocktail shaker gift idea

Email Copy Ideas: 

Subject Line: Want to mix things up? 

Preheader: Figuratively and literally… 

Hey {{name}}, 

It’s been great seeing customers, like you, pave the way for seeing success with {{current product used}}. 

A lot of our customers leverage {{new product offering}} together with {{current product used}} to help them see better success with {{area you impact}}. 

So, what do you say, ready to mix things up? If you’re up for chatting feel free to use this Blender or Cocktail Shaker to literally mix things up while we explore how you can mix up your {{area you impact}} efforts. 

When you accept the gift, you’ll be able to view some more content about how to better use {{new product}}. 

Looking forward to see more success from {{customer company}}! 

Marketing-Led Gifting That Converts Leads

Incorporating gifting into your marketing and sales processes can increase trust, loyalty and customer longevity. 

Don’t let your sales team have all the fun. By incorporating gifting into your marketing programs, even for specific segments of your marketing campaigns, you can increase your campaign engagement, drive more qualified conversation with your sales team, and create stronger relationships with prospective customers. 

Just remember, gifting is never going to be a silver bullet. When you stand up your marketing led gifting campaigns, you can ensure the most engagement and ROI when you incorporate gifting into a larger, cross-channel strategy.


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August 9, 2021
Team Alyce
Team Alyce