Introducing Branded Product, Kitting, And Warehousing

Alyce, the world’s best B2B gifting platform, partners with global branded merchandise leaders to offer kitting and warehousing.
Smart gifting backed by a global partner network

Your gifting strategy shouldn’t need “assembly required” when it comes to making sure the recipients of your gifts receive everything you want them to for a specific campaign.

Whether you’re onboarding a new team member, welcoming a new customer, or inviting a VIP to your latest marketing event, ensuring that you have a cohesive, assembled gifting experience creates a better recipient experience.

As recipients, there’s nothing more delightful than a thoughtful branded swag box that’s delivered to your doorstep. As senders, there’s nothing better than having your gift recipients take it upon themselves to tell their peers and audiences about the delightful gift experience they had with your brand.

That’s why today we’re so excited to announce our strategic partnerships with branded merchandise leaders.

The goal of these partnerships is to unify the physical and digital gifting experiences in a way that is unmatched in the industry.

A combined 65 years of branded product, kitting, warehousing, and fulfillment expertise are now plugged into Alyce’s corporate gifting platform to enable sales, marketing, and HR leaders to leverage gifting within their strategies, globally.

Together, our complementary solutions have the potential to generate incredible experiences at scale and accelerated growth for businesses worldwide. So let’s dive into how the partnership can work for you.

How Alyce Powers Kitting and Warehousing

When the time comes when any Alyce customer would like to send a kit to a group of people, you’ll have the full support of Alyce and our partners. We will help you strategize, ideate, and select the right products to add to your custom kit.

From there, our partner teams will ensure that the gifts are procured. Once your kits are ready to be sent, Alyce customers will be able to create a custom marketplace with the kits and design campaigns with your kit as the only gift to be accepted in the campaign to complete the address verification process, ensure the right parties are notified of kits being accepted on either side and requiring any smart actions you’d like to include before a kit is accepted.

Don’t forget to leverage your Post-Gift CTAs to keep the customer journey moving before the kits arrive at the right homes.

Kitting Campaigns You Can Run Today

Employee Onboarding Kit with Alyce Health and Wellness kit with Alyce Tech Kit with Alyce Adventure kit with Alyce

Sales Leaders 

Let your champions wear your logo with pride. Sending swag during the sales cycle can help build affinity in the buying committee and keep your company top of mind. Stand out with a thoughtful sales gift for prospects

ABM Marketers 

Does your annual event or webinar that you’d like to create a larger experience around for either your speakers or attendees? Create a kit with thematic gifts for everyone who comes to your event to drive engagement, build a larger sense of community, and increase your brand awareness. Reach out with a compelling gift for who work remotely.

Marketing Leaders  

Do you have a large company kickoff that’s happening in person or virtually? Did you redesign your logo and want to send your teammates company-branded swag? Kitting can come in handy to make sure your whole company is on the same page, feeling engaged, and excited about the work the HR and marketing teams are doing internally. 

HR and Talent Leaders

Want to improve your employee onboarding experience? Send a custom onboarding box welcoming your growing team to your company. From company swag to custom products and everything in between, your local and WFH employees will feel taken care of and engaged.

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September 23, 2021
Megan Pratt
Megan Pratt

Megan Pratt approaches marketing the way she approaches everything - with a lot of questions. She's spent 10+ years in various marketing roles, all relating to telling the right story to the right customers at the right time. She joined Alyce in December of 2021 to lead the Product Marketing team and share the Alyce vision of authenticity, personalization, and connection with the world. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her two young kids and husband in the Southern Utah desert that she calls home.