Sending Branded Corporate Gifts Is Now Easier with Alyce & Overture

Make your branded item strategy more personal, relevant, and thoughtful than ever with the best gifting platform combined with the best promotional items distributor.
Alyce and Overture Simplify Branded Corporate Gifts

Every marketer knows the struggle of choosing and distributing branded items. It’s not enough anymore to put your logo on a few pens and notebooks and tote them around to events or send them to customers.

Not only do you need to keep up with the latest branded item trends, but you also need to find a way to thoughtfully distribute your items, collect and verify addresses, give your customers choices, and link that strategy back to your revenue goals.

That’s where Alyce powered by Overture Promotions comes in.

Simplifying Gift Logistics with Overture

A New Corporate Gifting Delivered with Alyce and Overture

Alyce is the number one gifting platform for driving results, building relationships, and usability, according to G2’s most recent grid report. Overture is also a leader in the branded and promotional items industry, making this partnership one that’s sure to drive the best customer experience.

From Greg Segall, Founder and CEO at Alyce: “At Alyce, we’re out to change the way B2B marketers do outbound marketing. We believe that outbound can be your most loved strategy when it’s personal, relevant and thoughtful. Our partnership with Overture really delivers the thoughtful aspect, giving our customers access to creative branded item solutions all over the world. When you combine that with the key features of the Alyce platform, like the ability to offer customers choices, and our in-depth integrations to activate and measure ROI, you get a full-service branded unboxing experience that beats anything our customers have seen before.”

Delivering Personal, Relevant, & Thoughtful Gift Experiences

B2B Gifts: Customer First, Power of Choice with Alyce and Overture Promotions

From Tej Shah, Head of Global Sales and Marketing at Overture Promotions: “We’re thrilled to be in partnership with Alyce, and for the potential that this offers both of our customers. When we talk to marketers about branded items, they’re constantly looking for ways to be more creative, to be more personal, and make their experience better. This partnership delivers on all fronts and gives marketers everything they need to create promotional unboxing experiences that perform.

The Alyce and Overture teams are thrilled to bring this new partnership to customers with a seamless customer contracting experience under one roof. If you’re an Alyce customer and want to get started on your new branded item strategy, get in touch with your Alyce representative who will be your liaison.

Interested in exploring Alyce powered by Overture as a new customer? Request a demo today.

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July 19, 2022
Megan P.

Megan Pratt approaches marketing the way she approaches everything - with a lot of questions. She's spent 10+ years in various marketing roles, all relating to telling the right story to the right customers at the right time. She joined Alyce in December of 2021 to lead the Product Marketing team and share the Alyce vision of authenticity, personalization, and connection with the world. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her two young kids and husband in the Southern Utah desert that she calls home.