The Flight of Alyce: A 2019 Product Look Back

In this post we share some of our favorite new updates we’ve delivered in our product this past year.
2019 Alyce product update list

With 2019 behind us, at Alyce, we’ve been doing a lot of reflecting.  Our team has grown, our customer base has expanded (we even changed offices!) – but looking back, one thing we’re most proud of is how these product updates have evolved to help change the way our customers are delivering personal experiences to their prospects and customers.  

Alyce had quite the glow-up in 2019, and we wanted to share some of our favorite new updates we’ve delivered in the past year:

A better experience for all

In 2019, Alyce got a major facelift as we rolled out the New Alyce Experience to provide a more powerful and streamlined platform, that gives enterprise customers a new and improved user experience.

The most noticeable value customers got when they switched to the New Experience included:

Streamlined Gifting Flow

Send Business Gifts Faster with Alyce

With the upgraded gifting flow, sending gifts is a much faster and intuitive experience.  Once research has been returned on your prospect, sending gifts takes just 4 quick and easy steps.

Improved Tracking and Analytics 

One of the most difficult parts of traditional direct mail and gifting is the lack of transparency and visibility into two things: the status of gifts you’ve sent, and how those gifts are actually being interacted with. On the homepage of the New Alyce Experience, we’ve aimed to shine a light on what were previously blind spots for marketers by highlighting key conversion metrics and status tracking.

Prospect Research Accessibility

A way to deliver personal experiences within your workflow

We’re talking integrations.  In 2019 we rolled out Alyce for Outreach, Alyce for Chrome, and many improvements to Alyce for Salesforce, so that all Alyce users can use Alyce more effectively wherever they want to work.

Alyce for Outreach

Alyce for Outreach Product Updates

Alyce teamed up with Outreach to give sales reps the ability to scale personal experiences and thoughtful interactions with every prospect when it matters most. Alyce’s integration with Outreach was built to help reps book more meetings through one-to-one gifting and real-time thoughtful follow-up at scale. We know sales reps spend most of their day in Outreach, and we wanted to make sure Alyce could be an integral part of their workflow by:

  • Triggering Gifting Tasks in Outreach
  • Triggering Gift Follow-up Sequences in Outreach
  • Giving Complete Visibility into all Gifting Activities in Outreach

Alyce for Chrome

Alyce For Chrome Product Updates

Alyce for Chrome was built for two reasons: 

  1. To put personal interest data at your reps’ fingertips so they can take a more human selling approach, all the time
  2. For reps to send perfectly-matched gifts that break through the noise and get more responses, without leaving the page they’re on

Alyce for Chrome now works within Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce, and LinkedIn, so your reps can access your prospects’ personal interests, and send them gifts, from wherever they’re working.

A more “inviting” recipient experience

One of the key benefits Alyce provides for customers is the ability to deliver personal experiences that recipients love.  This year, we did a lot to help our customers continue to provide experiences that surprise and delight their prospects and customers:

New Invitation Types

We hear from our recipients all the time that the moment they receive and open one of Alyce’s invitations is the surprise and delight moment that gets them hooked.  This year, we rolled out two new invitation types that are helping customers to deliver these memorable experiences.  

  • Sleek Edition: Made of 100% recyclable materials, the Sleek Edition gives customers a beautifully simple invitation to deliver a handwritten gift invitation to buyers.

  • Gallery Edition: Alyce partnered up with two nonprofit organizations this year, Artists for Humanity and ArtLifting, to create eye-catching invitations that feature artwork from under-resourced teens and artists impacted by homelessness and disabilities.

Improved Recipient Flow

When your recipients received a gift previously, it would look like this:

Now, the improved flow allows recipients to accept gifts with a more streamlined experience: 

Recipient Flow Product Updates

We also made some pretty key updates to our recipient unsubscribe flow.  Now, recipients can unsubscribe from: 

  • The Gift they’ve been sent (declining the gift) 
  • All communications from your company via your own unsubscribe link
  • All Alyce gifts altogether

Unsubscribe product update

A swag solution that lets you deliver a better brand experience

To surprise and delight your customers, partners, and brand champions, we know branded swag can go a long way.  The problem? Nearly all swag ends up in the trash. That’s why we rolled out Swag Select– a solution that allows you to create your own swag store, and leverage Alyce’s invitation model so that you and your team can send premium swag to all fans of your brand, and make sure they’ll get something they’ll want and use, every time.

A more streamlined way to access Alyce

Alyce now supports a more streamlined login experience for Office 365 and Gmail users in the New Alyce Experience. Users can now login at

with single sign-on capabilities in the login flow. 

A better way to do good

Alyce has always given recipients the ability to choose to donate the value of their gift to an organization of their choice.  Now, Alyce customers can actually send donations to their recipients as the gift. Donations are now available in the marketplace to send to any recipient. 

Donation Product Update

2020 will be filled with even more invitation types, MarTech integrations and UI to easily connect you with your prospects and customers. Sign up for our blog below to stay in the know and Happy New Year!

January 1, 2020
Nina Butler
Nina Butler

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