Gift Campaign Toolkit

Get Your First (Or Second, Or Third) Gift Campaign Live Without A Hitch With This Toolkit

12 B2B Holiday Gifts to Surprise Customers & Employees

Celebrate your customers, partners, and employees with a personalized gift during the holidays. Here are our top picks for 2023.

B2B Gifting Best Practices: How to Make a Positive Impact

Want to send business gifts to clients and prospects? Follow these B2B gifting best practices to deliver a memorable customer experience.

The Ultimate Guide to Gifting Globally

Learn the ins and outs of international gifting so you can deliver the perfect message to your audience every time.

14 Marketing-Led Gifting Ideas

Upgrade your marketing campaigns with these gifting ideas and examples.

Email Invitation Templates For Your Next Gift

In this downloadable piece of content you'll find email templates for generic gifts, popular use cases, and ideas on how to position required actions.   You can download these templates here! 

Operationalizing Alyce Slide Deck

In the latest edition of our “Not Another Conceptual Webinar” series, where we don’t beat around the bush about how to incorporate gifting in your marketing and sales efforts, we’re going to be getting into the nitty-gritty details about how to operationalize Alyce, how to track gifts at every stage, and how to measure the impact of gifting in conjunction with the rest of your marketing and sales efforts.

The Welcome Back To The Office Gifting Guide

Want a way to standout? Your prospects are heading back to the office, here is how you can execute a back to the office gifting campaign.

Prospecting List Sequence Templates For Gifting

Use these prospecting sequence templates to help you structure your outreach for any prospect who you'd like to send a gift!

Alyce Themed Gift Marketplaces

To jumpstart your marketing ideas, we’ve created this eBook to help enhance your next campaign or event using themed Alyce gift marketplaces featuring the Power of Choice.

Marketing Gifting Campaign Templates

Marketers need a way to engage with prospects during the moments in their funnel that matter the most. Where trust is building and you can be a formative part of that person’s relationship with your business. The channel that's best…

The 3 Essential Reports to Set Up in Salesforce for Alyce

Whenever a new tool is brought into an organization, especially for sales, it can be challenging to understand how to measure the impact it has on your team’s pipeline. There are typically three main requests from managers and leaders looking…

Decrease Your No-Show Rate With These Meeting Reminder Email Templates

There’s nothing worse than getting ghosted. You put all this work into grabbing the attention of your prospect, it finally works and you book a meeting, and then… you’re alone in the Zoom room for 15 minutes. We’ve all felt…

17 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Alyce Gifting with Required Actions

Personal gifting is all about creating a sense of reciprocity with your recipient. For instance, you make an investment in the relationship. As a result, your recipient takes the next step in that relationship with you. However, it’s important to…

The Secret Weapon To Relevant Sales Outreach: Buyer Personas

Here’s a humbling statistic: Only 9% of sales emails sent are opened. How about another one: 58% of sales reps give up after a single attempt to connect with a prospect. So what does that leave us with? Sales reps…

5 Digital Gifting Campaigns That Scale and Convert

Let’s talk about lead generation for a minute. And by a minute, I mean for this entire blog post. Marketers are always trying their absolute hardest to grab the attention of their prospects… But now audiences are feeling over-marketed. We…