12 B2B Holiday Gifts to Surprise Customers & Employees

Celebrate your customers, partners, and employees with a personalized gift during the holidays. Here are our top picks for 2023.
Top B2B Holiday Gifts - Corporate Gift Guide

Stumped on what to give your high-value prospects or loyal customers this year? Our team of gifting experts rounded up the perfect list of 12 incredible B2B holiday gifts worth giving. These high-end corporate gifts will surely surprise and delight recipients long after the holiday season.

The end of the year brings a whirlwind of giving and receiving by way of holiday gifting. You can share plenty of good with personal, relevant, and thoughtful business gifts.

The winter holidays are one of the better times when you can show a little extra love to your high-value prospects and loyal customers. A personal gift can launch your business relationship in an upward swing after the New Year, but finding the perfect gift for somebody can be difficult.

Fortunately, using Alyce’s Power of Choice, you can rest assured each recipient will leave the interaction with something they love. But if you need a little extra inspiration this holiday season, we’ve got you.

Throughout the year, my team and I refresh the Alyce marketplace to feature premium business gift ideas we know gift recipients will love. But this time of year, I love to make sure we prioritize products that are both unique and aspirational while appealing to a variety of #5to9 interests and passions.

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I’ve curated a list of my 12 favorite gifts below, featuring a mix of trending products that appeal to every personality type:

The Self Improver

A Year of Zen: A 52-Week Guided Journal

52-Week Guided Journal

Why they’ll love it: It’s never been easier to reflect, meditate, and explore through a year of Zen journaling. So send your gift recipient into next year with a clear mind.

The Mixologist

The Full Bar Cart

Full Bar Cart Corporate Gift

Why they’ll love it: The Full Bar Cart includes six signature infusion kits. Add your pre-measured ingredients to the jar, fill with your favorite spirit, and seal for three days. This gift set is great if you are hosting people during the holidays.

The Foodie

TRUFF Three Pack – Gourmet Hot Sauce Set

Truff Truffle Oil B2B Gift

Why they’ll love it: Go beyond the gift basket with a premium hot sauce infused with truffle oil elegantly packaged, making this a great gift for those craving a kick in their food. We recommend selecting a three-pack featuring Original, White Truffle, and Black Truffle Oil flavors.

The Camper

Luci Color Outdoor Mood Lighting

Outdoor Mood Lighting - Corporate Swag

Why they’ll love it: Luci is a waterproof inflatable solar light lasting up to nine hours on a single solar charge. This high-quality light is perfect for adding a splash of color to your ambiance with eight different color settings!

The Adventurer

Allbirds Women’s Trail Runners SWT

Corporate Gift - Allbirds Shoes

Why they’ll love it: Tested for durability, stability, and traction, this sneaker lets you take on any adventure in style. It’s a must-have for any trail run, hike, or walk. These stylish shoes come in men’s sizes as well. It’s a perfect client gift for someone who enjoys the outdoors, especially when the weather is temperate in the winter and spring.

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The Pet Lover

Embark dog DNA test kits

Embark Dog DNA Test for Dog Lovers​​

Why they’ll love it: This isn’t your typical business swag. For a new dog owner, their pet’s health involves more than their diet, environment, and lifestyle. Embark dog DNA tests help decode breed mix, screen for health conditions, find relatives, and more so you can best care for your four-legged friends. This holiday gift is also a great reason to check back in a few weeks to learn about their canine ancestors.

Furbo Dog Camera

Why they’ll love it: The Furbo Dog Camera will give you peace of mind while you’re away, allowing you to see, talk to, and trigger treats for your pup. Check-in when you’re alerted to a bark, or just to say hi (because we know you can’t get enough of that sweet face!). We give this high-tech holiday gift two paws way up!

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The Parent

The Adventure Challenge – Family Edition & Signature Camera

Why they’ll love it: Learn new things about your family members while embarking on fun, not-your-average adventure challenges – with a camera to document the experiences! The catch? You don’t know what that adventure will be until you scratch it off! Complete all 50 adventures for memories that will last a lifetime. And remember, once you scratch it, you HAVE to do it!

Fitness Fanatic

Yoga Dice

Why they’ll love it:  This container of dice holds endless inspiration for every yoga lover! Seven wooden dice (one for each chakra) represent different types of poses – seated, standing, balancing, twists, and more – that when rolled together in the hand or using the container itself, generate a variety of yoga practices for practitioners of all levels.

Restore Hot and Cold Therapy Kit

Why they’ll love it: Release tension and increase circulation to hard-working muscles in the back, shoulders, glutes, and feet. With one textured and one smooth therapy ball that are designed to retain heat or cold, you can give yourself a customized massage, whenever you need it.

Sustainability Superheroes

Zero Waste Starter Kit

Why they’ll love it: It’s one thing to think eco-friendly and another to live it. This corporate gift idea is sure to connect with someone if they care about the environment. Start your plastic-free life with a bamboo utensil set, organic GOTS certified cotton product bag, Sisal soap saver pouch, and a box of bamboo cotton swabs.

Conscious Step Protect the Arctic Gift Box

Why they’ll love it: Who doesn’t love socks? These Protect the Arctic socks do much more than keep toes warm. Each gift box provides 3 meals through Action Against Hunger, 18 months of safe water through Water.org, and 1 book through Room to Read. Made from recycled kraft paper, each gift box is complete with a magnetic clasp so you can reuse it over and over.

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These top B2B holiday gifts will help you deliver instant holiday cheer to your customers, prospects, and employees. Don’t forget that with Alyce, gift recipients can accept your personalized gift, exchange it (like for a gift card), or donate its value to a cause they care about.

Our parting thought here is to focus on the delivery method. Use video from Vidyard to deliver a warm and engaging gift message. While a Christmas gift is nice, a personal connection puts you above a mystery Amazon box arriving at your recipient’s doorstep.

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October 3, 2023
Caroline Bachelder
Caroline Bachelder

Caroline Bachelder is the Marketplace Strategy Manager at Alyce. Her passions outside of her 9-5 include skiing and live music. She brings a unique viewpoint to the marketplace team with her background in event management and fashion. She hails from Boston, MA but currently resides in Denver CO with her Golden pup Rio.